Thursday, November 21, 2013

BLOW OFF variety pack

There's been a few great blow off stories this week and we couldn't just choose one, so let's discuss them all shall we?

#1 We apologize in advance for two posts in a row about Kimye BUT just the other day Kanye West released his new video for Bound 2 on the most gangsta of venues (The Ellen Degeneres show).  Because he and his fiancĂ©e Kim Kardashian have no understanding of the term "over-exposed" she's heavily featured in the music video.  And she's topless.  And she's straddling him on a motorcycle and they keep bouncing so it kind of looks like they're having weird jack rabbit sex.  Guys, I'm actually of the camp who thinks West is a legitimate musical genius BUT he needs to cool it on the "look how in love I am" front.  It almost makes me think that there's someone else he's actually more in love with (Alexis still, perhaps?) and he's trying really hard to make them jealous.

PLUS, putting your significant other in your music video is the fastest way to destroy the relationship.  Remember Ben Affleck in J Lo's Jenny from the Block video? Or KFed in Britney's My Prerogative video?  Or Jason Trawick in Britney's Criminal video? Or Stephanie Seymour in all those Guns & Roses videos?  Or that Seal video for that song I don't know where he and Heidi Klum are basically doing it?  It's a recipe for disaster.  The only people it's worked out for so far are Enrique and Anna Kournikova but I'm pretty sure neither of them speaks the same language and they spend most of their relationship in complete silence.

#2 Kyle Ayers will probably be the next person to get a book deal out of his Twitter feed after he famously live-tweeted a couple's break up on a Brooklyn rooftop.  Kyle was just sitting up there minding his own business when a guy and a girl showed up on the roof and started getting into an epic break-up argument.  Rather than make himself scarce, Kyle opted to live-tweet their exchange with the hashtag #roofbreakup.  Read it here if you haven't already.  I think my fave tweet is this response from the guy after the girl asks if he could see them living together in a year:

#3 WTF George Zimmerman.  Can this guy please go away forever?  In July, Zimmerman was acquitted of second degree murder for the death of Trayvon Martin.  The entire country was both stunned and sadly, not surprised.  In September, there was a domestic violence claim against him from his soon to be ex-wife (she separated from him a month after the ruling) and now just two months after that he was arrested on domestic violence charges against his GIRLFRIEND.  On Tuesday, a judge set his bond at $9K, ordered him to stay in Sanford, FL, and to not possess any firearms or ammunition as he awaits his arraignment.  UM, now they're taking his guns away?  It's about effing time.  I would love to see Florida's ridiculous Stand Your Ground law come back to bite him when someone shoots him in the name of self defense.  And seriously, as my friend Jihan reminded me, this is just further proof that any guy can get a girlfriend while many wonderful, amazing, women remain single.  Fuck that shit.

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