Friday, November 15, 2013

Four Things Friday: a break from your break-up

This week, 20 LA Wannabe does us the honor of curating a Four Things Friday post.  Here are four awesome ways to give yourself a break from your break-up.  Whether it's a piece of jewelry that will make you feel like you can kick ass and take names, gourmet comfort food, retail therapy, or a Gwyneth-free internet destination, all of her picks will give you a much needed distraction from that God-awful pit in your stomach or that lump in your throat. 
Nik Stone
Jelena Nik has created a new, edgy, industrial jewelry line called Nik Stone. Her inaugural collection contains pieces that are all tools. Her inspiration came from her childhood when she would help her late father with his work around the house. The collection is made out of .925 sterling silver and the pieces are made to look like wrenches, nails, and hammers like this hammer ring. Though the pieces are edgy, they do have a feminine flare. Each one contains at least one black diamond. Nik Stone was created by combining her last name and the love that she and her father shared for the band, The Rolling Stones. Wearing one of these pieces, no man will blow you off. You can purchase her first collection at
Hinoki & The Bird
We all need to treat ourselves occasionally and what better way than by having a bomb meal? The best meal I've had in the past few months was at Hinoki & The Bird in Century City, CA. The restaurant is the newest for Chef David Myers and is run by former Top Chef contestant Kuniko Yagi. Their cocktail menu will have you leaving with a nice buzz as you'll want to sample all of their creations like their various takes on Negroni and their version of the lobster roll (which is complete with thai basil and curry and comes in a black roll) is the best thing I've eaten in I don't know how long. If you're looking for a special date night destination or want to have a girls night out with friends, this is the place! Just make sure you aren't close to your maximum credit limit. It's not cheap but it's worth every penny.
I love me some Gwyneth Paltrow and GOOP but when I'm looking for lifestyle advice that isn't only aimed at the luxury market, I turn to the new site TeeWii. Started by actress and host Tracy Pendergast. She was immersed in all things "dude" with her writing and hosting and wanted to start an online lifestyle community for women. TeeWii is a one-stop shop for gift ideas, recipes, beauty tips, fashion advice, and DIY projects. I could spend hours on the site while I should be doing other things and you will too.
Sample Sales
This is my favorite time of the year. No not because of eggnog and mistletoe; it's sample sale season! They have ruined me from shopping at all other times of the year. Different clothing lines offer items from 40-80% off retail prices. Whether you're looking for work out clothes, the perfect LBD, or an outfit that will surely score you a second date, you can find almost anything you're looking for. My tip as a semi-professional sample sale shopper is to go EARLY. People line up as early as three hours before the sales begin and if you want to get the good bargains you have to out-crazy the crazy people. One of my favorite sites to check out the sample sales in your are is WHSale. Godspeed to all of my fellow Sample Salers out there!


  1. The small plates at Hinoki & the bird are unreal. I'm pretty sure the bartenders are also male models.

  2. Thanks for the TeeWii shout out! Also, that Nik Stone jewelry looks AMAZING!!!