Friday, November 1, 2013

Four Things Friday: It's our four year anniversary!

Today marks the 4th anniversary of the day I started the BLOW OFF.  It feels like it was just yesterday that I created a blogger account, purchased the URL, and uploaded the first post.  It's definitely been a labor of love. When I went through my first big break up in college, no one had prepared me for what it would feel like to be rejected by someone I loved.  That's why I've always wanted to have some sort of break-up forum.  Keeping this site going would not have been possible without the support of our contributors, our readers, our Facebook Likes, and any/all of you that have sent me your dating stories.  We even have readers in Norway!  It's not easy to write about your break-ups, especially while you're going through them and it means a lot to me that you guys were willing to publicly share your stories.  Here are some of my favorite posts from the last four years, one for every year. 

2010: The Boyfriend BLOW OFF by Slim
This post has always stood out in my mind, because it's proof that even when we're dating someone and in a happy relationship, it's impossible not to be curious about our exes or past crushes.  Plus, I love when people are honest about their dating mistakes.  The writer of this post now has two amazing little kids with her husband, so it's a good thing she took down that online dating profile.  She also claims she's not a good writer which is total BS and I think just an excuse to no longer contribute.  Click here to read the original post. 
2011: The Flip by SAF
Okay, so this post was written by one of my besties and immediately after I published it, she had writer's remorse.  She was scared the guy she had written it about would stumble across it and hate her forever.  Finally, she settled on disguising her author name.  The post not only coins a new dating term (The flip: that moment where you suddenly change your mind about a person) but she met her current live-in boyfriend after he stumbled across the post on Twitter.  Click here to read the original post.
2012: My ex-boyfriend got engaged by 20 LA Wannabe 
When you get enough distance from a break up, you reach that magical moment where you see all the silver linings.  I love this very honest post from 20 LA Wannabe about discovering her ex-boyfriend (and love of her life at the time) was engaged to someone else thanks to Facebook.  What's amazing about it is that she had avery different reaction to the discovery then what she expected.  She says it best in the post when she writes "We are stronger than we give ourselves credit for."  True dat.  Click here to read the original post. 
2013: What It's Really Like to Blow Off Someone You Love by SVB
We don't get a lot of guys contributing to the BLOW OFF, so when we do, it's kind of like hanging out with a leprechaun.  SVB has been one of our regular male contributors.  He has his own blog known as The Silicon Valley Bachelor and from all the pictures on there of him with his shirt off, you can tell right away he's total dude.  And he's really funny.  Which was why it was such a change of pace for him to write this very honest post about breaking up with someone he loved, but knew wouldn't end up with.  Several different male readers got in touch with me after reading this post to say it hit close to home.  I cried the first time I read it.  Okay, I cry every time I read it.  Click here to read the original post. 

There are SO many great posts people have contributed over the last four years and so many I love, but these were just a few that stood out.  I highly recommend going to November 1st, 2009 and getting up to speed :)  This post wouldn't be complete without a special shout out to Joli who did the amazing site redesign (remember how ghetto this thing used to look before?)  She's our MVP.  Thanks again for all the BLOW OFF love guys.  And remember to share the blog with your friends.  Most importantly, keep sending us your stories!  Hope everyone has a great weekend.

Love Saaara

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