Thursday, December 26, 2013

Best of the BLOW OFF: What I learned About Marriage from my Parents

Editor's Note: this was originally posted on August 22nd, 2013 but since we have no time to blog over the busy holiday season, we're re-posting some of our fave posts. Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas.  We ate Chinese food for dinner.  And we're not even Jewish.

Today is my parents 39th wedding anniversary.  Woot-Woot!  I wanted them to share some advice on what they think makes for a good relationship, but my mom said that post would make more sense if I waited for their 40th anniversary next year.  Hopefully that doesn't mean she hasn't figured it out yet and wants the next year to mull it over.  So, instead, here are a few things I've learned about marriage from my mom and dad.

#1 Dance together.  My mom is 58 and my dad is 67 and just a couple weeks ago, she told me they went to some club in San Jose to listen to an 80s cover band and danced the night away.  Men who can't dance: don't fret.  We don't care if you dance badly, we just care if you dance.  Side note: my dad is an awesome dancer.

#2 Eat dinner together.  My parents used to own a luggage store about forty minutes from where we grew up.  My dad would always get home later than my mom and generally too late for us to have sit-down family dinners.  But my mom would always wait till he got home so they could eat dinner together and so he wouldn't have to eat alone.  Now they both work from home and they still make sure to eat dinner together.  Usually it's one big bowl of salad with two forks.

#3 Watch TV together.  The other day my mom asked me if I've watched Orange is the New Black and how she and my dad watched it together and loved it.  I'm just throwing that in here cause I think it's really cute that they're totally Netflix streaming savvy and that they decided to watch that particular show. They also love Breaking Bad, Curb Your Enthusiasm, and random Iranian TV shows.

#4 Compliment each other.  A lot.  After 39 years together, when I'm around my parents, I still hear them regularly give each other compliments.  They always tell each other they look beautiful/handsome.  They're always giving the other person credit for all the ways they contribute to the household.  And now, they always make sure to tell each other what an amazing grandparent they are to my niece and nephew. 

#5 Generally do things mostly together.  I'm a big believer in alone time, but I would say my parents spend the majority of their time together and they are better people for it.  They've always worked together and now once a week, when my mom goes up to San Francisco to take care of the grandkids, my dad works out his schedule so that he can go with her.

Basically, my parents are the bomb dot com.  Don't get me wrong, they're still human and they still bicker and have normal married people problems, but I hope the H Bomb and I can be as happy as they are in 37 years. 

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