Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Best of the BLOW OFF: Where would you take your DeLoreon?

Editor's Note: my awesome cousin Mitra has a blog called I'm Just Sayin' Is All and she published a post that I absolutely had to share.  She and her husband recently sold their DeLoreon, YES, the actual car from Back to the Future. And she wrote this post on what she would of if she had a time machine.  I found it relevant to the BLOW OFF, because when you're going through a break up, you always wish you could go back...when things were better and happier, when you should have said this instead of that, when you could have just avoided the person and all the heartbreak all together.  So, in honor of that, please enjoy this amazing post:

So,  in light of us having sold the De Loreon, I started thinking of all the times I wished I had a time machine and what all I would do with it. I'll admit I'm greedy but not so much in the money department, more in the land department. But, having lots of land in Silicon Valley generally leads to money ultimately so I guess I'm just greedy. Here is what I would do with a time machine.

1. I'd go back to around 1900, or maybe just a bit later so there are records for sure, and buy lots and lots of farms around here and figure out a way to leave them to myself. Then, there wouldn't be 12 houses on every 5000 sq.ft. lot and I wouldn't get filled with such a sense of melancholy when I see an old house torn down and way too many new houses built with no yards where you can look into your neighbors' bathroom while you brush your teeth and you can't grow any fruit or vegetables because your yard is entirely concrete. That could all happen after I die. Which makes me wonder if Silicon Valley would have happened somewhere less stubborn, like Oklahoma maybe. Wow, Steve Jobs may very well have had to annoy people while wearing overalls. Rad.

2. I'd observe and even maybe hang out with my parents when they were in various stages of life. My mom is one of those '3 miles uphill both ways' kind of moms. Grew up in Ohio so adding snow to the mix totally increased the difficulty she had never missing a day of school. I'd also want to see proof that she hung out with or took guitar lessons from Jerry Garcia. Or rode a horse. I'm sure she was beautiful and fabulous despite those fibs and I'd love to see her with a young, carefree smile. My dad was, in my mind, like Austin Powers but without the cheese so he'd be fucking awesome to chill with. He is a hell of a dancer even at almost 70 so I bet the late 60's were a blast! I'd also want to see my grandparents and possibly even myself as a kid, teenager and early 20's. I wonder if I'd intervene or watch from afar?

3. I'd also like to go to Filene's basement during the heyday. I'd like to be in Times Square when the war ended and that famous picture was taken. I'd like to hang in Hollywood in the 30's and 40's (somehow my time machine also makes me able to get into anyplace and hang with anyone I want). I'd want to try to be a starlet in that time, just to experience women right before we became so totally independent and truly changed the world. When being feminine was easy.

4. I'd like to see each house I've ever lived in when it was brand new. I'm not sure why but curiosity and the feeling of being filled with hope and possibility.

5. I'd go visit all my dogs that have passed. Relive some great moments. Spend more quiet time, 'just being' time.

6. I'd check out ancient Persia, Greece and Egypt but I'd have to take someone with me who could translate. I don't need to get killed for something stupid. I'd also like to check out medieval England but only for a few hours because eventually I'd have to pee and I'm pretty sure I couldn't handle the lack of hygiene there. Actually, everything ancient requires just a short stay.

7. I'd love to eat sushi when it was first invented. When the oceans weren't polluted, random fish that are now extinct still hung around, when it was actually picked out of the sea and popped into one's mouth.

8. I'd like to see how so many random foods were first eaten.

9. I'd dig checking out San Francisco right before the 1906 earthquake.

10. And in light of current insanity, I'd hang with the Mayans to figure out just exactly how much they knew.

I'm sure there is more but I just can't go on and on and I'm guessing neither can you...

To read more of Mitra's writing, check out her blog here.

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  1. Texas, British Columbia, Baton Rouge, maybe Baja with off road tires if we needed rocket power to get back.