Monday, December 30, 2013

bi-sexuality: deal or deal-breaker?

We all know that girl-on-girl action turns men on.  If a guy found out his current girlfriend had hooked up with women in the past, I don't think he'd be all that bothered by it.  Maybe he'd feel a little insecure if she had long term relationships with members of the same sex, but it still probably wouldn't be a deal breaker.  BUT what if you found out your boyfriend had hooked up with dudes in the past?  Would you be okay with it or would part of you wonder if he was more than just a little bi-curious?

My friends and I have had this debate in the past and I'll admit there's a tendency to think that bi-sexuality doesn't really apply when it comes to men.  If a guy enjoys sex with another man, but says he's still attracted to women-- then chances are, he's just not completely ready to come out of the closet and admit he's gay yet.  But we definitely don't treat women the same way.  So why the double standard?  Is there such thing as a straight guy who's purely curious?

I'll be honest. I don't think I could really handle dating a guy who'd hooked up with dudes in the past.  Even if he was, say, getting BJs and not giving them.  I'm already fairly jealous and insecure.  It's hard enough to worry about other women, but to have to worry about other men on top of that would be too much.  Plus, what if twenty years into the relationship your significant other realizes he's gay and leaves you?  When people ask you if there were ever any signs, will you look dumb if you say: well....he did blow a few guys in college.

Am I just a prude and not sexually progressive enough? Even Honey Boo Boo says we're all a little gay, but it just wouldn't sit well with me.  Could you date a guy who'd been with other guys?  Comment below.


  1. I've noticed that some lesbians with man issues are strangly fascinated with it... but that makes it even less gay and more crosswirey.

  2. I for sure could not. Yes it's a double standard but you know what? With all of the double standards that are in favor of men in this world when it comes to dating e.g. a guy is a player when he bangs lots of girls abut a girl is a slut when she bangs lots of guys, I'm 100% fine with a double standard.

  3. Many a gay guy would be happy to have sex with a bisexual man, but would likely oppose dating them. Sexuality can be fluid, but we as humans should be malleable