Friday, December 20, 2013

Four Things Friday: Holiday BLOW OFF gifts

For any of you that are doing some last minute gift shopping, don't neglect your friends who are going through break-ups.  They could certainly use a little extra love this time of year.  I scoured the internet (by scoured, I mean I looked at three different websites) to come up with a few gift ideas that might help give them a little pick me up.  Obvi, these are great gifts for year-round break-ups.  I thought of adding a vibrator to the list, but then thought that might just make your friend feel really depressed.  Perhaps a vibrator gift card would be more appropriate. 
Besties iPhone Case
If only I had an iPhone 5 and a bestie who also had an iPhone 5, then I would totally buy this for her.  Added bonus: you get a gift yourself too!  It's a total win-win people.  These are priced at just $25.  And when your friend scrolls through her phone, hoping her ex has either called or texted, then thrown it across the room in pain and agony-- the case will help protect it AND remind her that someone out there in the world still loves her.  Click here to order. 
Moscow Mule mug
Speaking of besties, mine owns a store called Umami Mart in Oakland (they also have a pop-up store in SF right now!) that specializes in high quality kitchen and barware from Japan.  They have a ton of awesome products and an online store for those of you that live outside of the Bay Area.  I love their Moscow Mule mug, mostly because it reminds me of when Oprah and Gayle went camping on her show and walked around giving fellow campers Moscow Mules.  If Oprah still had her show, the copper mug from Umami Mart would totally be one of her favorite things. Order your mug here. 
My Boyfriend Wrote a Book About Me by Hilary Winston
So, I'm not sure if people buy books for each other anymore, because I'm one of the last people on earth that doesn't own a tablet or a Kindle.  But if they do-- or if there's some way to buy someone a kindle book (is that what they call them?), then I recommend My Boyfriend Wrote A Book About Me by TV writer Hilary Winston.  It's a hilarious collection of true stories from Winston's dating life--- including the true story of when she found out her ex wrote a book about her in which he referred to her as "fat-assed girlfriend." Um, what a dick.  All of us fat-assed girls need to unite and buy her book.  You can order your copy here.  For the Kindle edition (in German) click here.
The Peony Pop Robe
I believe that every woman should have a kimono-style robe to wear around the house so she can channel her inner-Carrie Bradshaw.  I don't care if Sex and the City is a dated reference, I will never stop using it (see yesterday's post).  I mean, how can one really feel like a writer if she's not wearing a stylish robe as she sits down at her laptop? Okay, so full disclosure: I'm wearing cotton-striped pink pajama pants with a red-hoodie that completely clashes, with the hood over my head, as I type this.
Anyway, the point is-- it's not fair that engaged girls are the only ones that get lingerie and fancy sleepwear.  It's the ladies who are going through break-ups that really need it the most.  And it gets cold in the winter.  Buy your single besties this gorgeous peony pop robe from Anthropologie.  Side note, in my next life I would like to come up with names for clothing like peony pop.

Also, you can totally just BLOW OFF your friends and buy all this stuff for yourself.  Tis the season, lovely readers. xoxo


  1. Could be the coffee and the lingering craziness that accompanies a full moon...but I'm SUPER into this 4 things.

    Can we do a post for when to BLOW OFF your vibrator? And by we, I guess I'm volunteering to do some research on them. I've had mine for over 2 years, and while I respect it for all that has done for me, I can't help but wonder what it would be like to change it up. Like, I don't think I could ditch old faithful completely, but it would be exciting to have something this getting too graphic for our Google Ad? My b.

    Also, I've been wanting a robe for over a year. I've been trying to elevate my lounge wear (ie not wearing my sweatpants from middle school gym class) and nothing sounds more appealing than throwing on a sexy robe for that obligatory walk to the bathroom for post coital urination. Am I right?

    1. sassypants, I elect you to be our resident vibrator expert. I could only write those posts anonymously myself. And yes, maybe we should start making blow off robes called the post-sex pee robe!

  2. I buy more lingerie and robes while I'm single than when I'm in a relationship.I like to feel pretty in things no one is ever going to see me in. :)