Friday, December 6, 2013

Four Things Friday

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Are we all dieting during this precious time between Thanksgiving and Christmas?  I'm trying too, really I am-- but all of these holiday parties are making it very difficult.  It's this time of year I'm thankful that I work from home and not in an office, because I know I'd be eating candy canes and Christmas cookies and fudge all day long.  Anyway, here are four things I'm into this week that will help ease the pain of any residual holiday season blues you may be having (and for once, none of the below includes food.)
Anthropologie-- PETITES!
I'm short.  Five feet tall in fact.  And finding clothes that fit me has always been a huge pain in the ass. Let's just say my employee discount at Gap Kids saved my life through high school.  It's hard for us petite ladies to indulge in retail therapy when nothing fits our proportions properly.  And who has the extra time and money to get everything tailored?  Mary Kate & Ashley, that's who.  My fellow petites, our prayers have been answered.  Recently, Anthropologie started their petite line and it's magical.  Sadly, it's only available through their online store (with the exception of their first petite store in Maryland), but so far everything I've ordered from it fits likes a glove.  Now when I feel the need to cheer myself up from career blues or the realization that everyone around me is having babies, I just click the "add to cart" button and life instantly gets better.

Haim: Days Are Gone album
I'm a sucker for girl bands.  My first concert was The Bangles when I was nine years old.  And while I know I'm late to the Haim party, they're my new fave.  Haim (pronounced Hyme) consists of three sisters from Los Angeles (and a male drummer who's not related to them).  They've been compared to Fleetwood Mac (vocals remind me of Christine McVie), but are more indie pop than anything. If you're looking for some good new break-up songs that are deceptively upbeat, then check out their album Days are Gone on Spotify.  My personal favorite is the song Forever.             
Honestly, I'm not a big fan of the holiday season but I LOVE award season.  Getting to attend free screenings and receiving DVDs in the mail is a huge perk to being a writer.  So far, the best movie I've seen is Her, written and directed by Spike Jonze.  The film takes place in the future and is essentially a love story between Theodore (Joaquin Phoenix) and his operating system Samantha (voiced by Scarlett Johansen).  It not so subtly explores the role technology plays in our lives, but it also examines the insecurities/fears relationships bring out in all of us.  It's the kind of movie that stays with you after you watch it.  Dare I say it's the new...Eternal Sunshine?    

Will Gardner
Yes, one of my four things is a fictional character from a television show.  But Will Gardner (played by the very underrated Josh Charles) from The Good Wife has in my opinion become one of the most interesting male characters on TV.  I love that the show is exploring how men can feel scorned and bitter after a relationship too.  It's comforting for us ladies to know that we aren't the only ones that get consumed by our break-ups (all while pretending everything is business as usual).  This amazing sequence from last week's episode says it all. Watch as Will prepares to question his ex-girlfriend in court.

Hope you all enjoy the weekend of Holiday party boozing this weekend and that you drink a little too much egg nog and make out with your next (and maybe even last?) significant other.  xo

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  1. Her looks great! Thanks for the tip off, son.