Thursday, January 16, 2014

BLOW OFF Variety Pack

Another week, another series of BLOW OFFS.  Let's do this.

You ate croissant with her?!?!?
Are you guys following the non-scandal in France?  If this shit happened in the US, millions of heads would be exploding-- but in France it's like "whatever, pass the wine and cheese."  God, the French are so awesome.

So, President Francois Hollande has been with his partner Valerie Trierweiler since 2007.  Recently, it came to light that he's been having an affair with actress Julie Gayet.  Even though the French are super loosey-goosey about this stuff, Valerie is very upset.  Like- had to be hospitalized for emotional shock-upset.  Wait. It gets worse.  Rumor has it that Julie Gayet is four months pregnant.  Wait.  It gets even worse.  Hollande's bodyguard brings him and Gayet croissants in the morning after Hollande spends the night with her.  OH HELL NO.

Before you feel too bad for Valerie Trierweiler, you should know that Hollande was with Ségolène Royal for thirty plus years and cheated on her with Trierweiler back in 2007.  Karma's a bitch.  What's even stranger is that Royal was running against Sarkozy in the 2007 presidential election.  SO-- Hollande cheats on her and then he becomes President five years later.  Awesome
The Mother/Daughter BLOW OFF
What do you guys think happened to the poor Gosselin twins after this incredibly awkward interview on The Today Show?  So, Kate Gosselin is constantly try to think of ways she can be back in the public eye, which is why People Magazine recently did a story on her twin girls and how they're not fucked up from all the douchey awful shit their parents did to them.  And they LOVED being on reality TV and miss it so much (translation: my mom needs money and wants to be on another reality TV show).  Mady and Cara are basically my heroes after this interview.  Don't fuck with teen girls, they will find a way to end you.  Do you think they conspired before the interview to hardly talk and be super bitchy to their mom?  Kate's reaction is priceless. Watch the video above.
Divorce is SO hilarious! 
What's the best part of this HuffPost interview below?  You might think that it's this poor woman's story about filing for divorce ten days after marrying her husband.  Just a week and a half after their wedding, Natasha Nelson received a DVD in the mail of her wedding photos.  She tried to watch it on her computer, but the disc kept getting ejected.  So...she decided to give her husband's computer a shot, only to discover six months of correspondence, sexting, and lude videos sent between him and his ex-girlfriend.  Side note, she and her husband had been together for a year before they got married (they were childhood friends from CHURCH CAMP who reconnected via Facebook)-- so he was cheating on her for half of their relationship.

BUT guys, that's not the best part of this video.  The best part is the glee in which the HuffPost live reporter conducts the interview.  Is it just me or is this woman getting a huge kick out of this story?  She can't stop smiling.  Watch for yourself:

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  1. Hehe the french story that is not a story.
    All our recent Presidents have cheated on their wife. And we all know that. I think the only one who did not cheat is Sarkozy because he divorced his wife and married a new one while being the President.
    For the Hollande story it is starting to look like a bad french comedy. His ex-partner (and mother of his children) run for President (they are not together anymore but they pretended it) and lost to Sarkozy. He run 5 years later with his new partner (and she was very present). He won against Sarkozy. And after less than 1 year he already cheats on her.
    Oh poor Valerie! But there is more stories on how Valerie tried to sabotage the career of the first wife, and how the first wife blackmail the president to get a new position...
    We have fun in France.