Thursday, January 2, 2014

Notes on Scandal

 Okay, I finally listened to all of my Facebook friends who are obsessed with Scandal and binge watched the show last month.  I'm now a convert.  The show is chock-full of BLOW OFFs.  The storytelling is pretty phenomenal (the perfect balance of soapy and dramatic).  Shonda Rhimes has the rare ability to tell one story that impacts every single character on the show (see season two/Defiance).  It's also incredibly refreshing to see an African-American female lead for once.  All hail Kerry Washington.  BUT I have critiques.  None of which involve the hotness of Scott Foley.  Let's discuss.  Of course there are some spoilers here and if you don't watch the show this post will mean nothing to you, but whatevs:

First off, if you guys want to play a really fun drinking game during an episode of Scandal-- drink every time....

*One character yells at another character.
*Someone utters the word "gladiator."
*Olivia Pope's eyes go wide whenever President Grant calls. Even though he calls pretty much everyday.  
*Someone delivers a very impassioned monologue.
*Olivia Pope unnecessarily twitches her mouth to convey her emotions.

Now that you're completely drunk, let's discuss the other details of the show that bother me.
*Huck talks like a robot.
*Grant and Olivia.  It's really time to shit or get off the pot with these two.  And who cares if he killed that supreme court judge-- he KILLED his best friend Sam.  I don't care it that happened in a movie called Ghost, it's still not cool.  (Side note: Tony Goldwyn must be drinking the same water as Rob Lowe because he never ages.)
*Okay, so Olivia is supposed to be a super strong female character BUT she's SO weak when it comes to Grant.  Maybe that's a reason to like her.  He's her Achilles heel and she's a flawed person.  But sometimes it's just way too over the top for me.  Like that time she dug a phone out of the trash when he called. see below.
*Speaking of weak in the name of love-- seriously, why is James still with Cyrus?  He's not even hot.
*The show doesn't really explore any notions of Olivia's guilt when it comes to being the other woman, because Mellie is painted as such a shrew.  And Grant is borderline abusive when it comes to his wife.   It would be so much more interesting and complex if Mellie had more redeeming qualities and if Grant's children actually played a role on the show.  Let's see the guy actually have to face his daughter after screwing Olivia in the oval office. 
*I give the show props for bringing the sex, but it's still outweighed by the violence.  I did not need to see Quinn get tortured or Mama Pope chew into her wrists. They need to stop trying to be Breaking Bad.
*Harrison is way under-utilized.  He's the only supporting character on the show who's never had his own storyline.  He's hot.  Give the man a girlfriend.
*The show needs more Scott Foley.  I'm not sure I buy that he's in love with Olivia due to how little they've played them together, but I'd so be like "Fitz Who?"  if I was her.

Okay, die-hards.  Let me have it.  I know you don't like it when anyone goes negative on your beloved Scandal, but I for one am hoping we'll see some SNL spoofs now that they're FINALLY adding an African-American female castmember.  Despite my notes, I will still be watching when the show returns comes spring.


  1. Re: Mellie needing more redeeming qualities did you not feel she had some in the episodewhere they go back into her past w/ Fitz? And w/ James and Cyrus as much as James is disgusted by a lot of what Cyrus does I think he's attracted to his power. I mean hi, how many times are we like obsessed with a guy and we can't even tell why bc we know he's "not that hot." Some men just have a power over us. I think that's very James/Cyrus.

    1. Yes, except I think it's so stupid that one of Grant's kids might really be his sibling. Plus, I want to see more moments of redemption for her in present day. On some days, I actually like Mellie more than Olivia, because she's more of a realist. Good call about Cyrus and James. Hope they explore that more. Also, the notion of being with someone is better than being with no one.