Wednesday, February 19, 2014

pulling the date trigger & the BLOW OFF

I'm very aware of the fact that this is the year 2014. We aren't riding around on hoverboards or living in The Matrix. But we are living in some weird dating microcosm where if you aren't meeting online or on an app, a prevailing dating trend seems to be that men don't ask women out anymore. Forget getting pinned or going steady, they rarely ask girls on regular ole dates. From my experience and that of my friends, guys will basically do anything to avoid actually asking for a date.

They will text you constantly, invite you to parties and group functions, but for some reason the one-on-one date is is a no-go and is now like the holy grail of the dating world. But why is this? Is it because as we all know guys are terribly scared of rejection? Do they not know how anymore? Or is it because they have all of these other means to try to see you that they just don't have to? It doesn't matter how successful the guy is or how much or a shark he is in his business life, they just aren't asking girls out.

I'd like to make a public plea to men. Please, please start asking girls out on dates. There are a multitude of reasons for you to do this.

#1 It shows you have balls. Have you ever heard a woman say that being a pussy is a quality she finds attractive in a man? Put it out there. And honestly she'll probably be so shocked and impressed that a guy actually had the guts to ask her out she'll say yes regardless of whether she was attracted to you before or not.

#2 We know you didn't text five other girls to meet you and your buddies at the same party/bar to see which one "works out." That means if we do like you we can see that you're not a dog.

#3 We *gasp* actually get to know you and you *gasp* actually get to know us. I know. I know. Dating has recently devolved into hooking up. But if we get to know each other there's the possibility of *gasp* a relationship.

#4 I certainly don't want to go back to the days of malt shoppes and sock hops but this is one old school trend that I think should make a big comeback.

Ladies, what are you experiences with men "asking" you out lately?


  1. I do not get guys! No matter how old they are. Met a decent looking older lad on Valentines Day ( he is 7 yrs older, I am 28). He was single since he was his guy friend and it was Valentine's Day! Really nice guy, fun to talk to, even bought me some drinks. Exchanged numbers. I texted 3 days later only to get lame and very delayed responses. Invited him out for drinks- he texts back 5 hours later listing his plans for the week... and then a sad face. WTF? Didn't even bother to respond.. deleted his number. Obviously he is not interested. I should have followed my intuition and got the clue from the texts he was "not that into me." And yea it sucks girls have to ask guys out- and for what, " I am so busy." Guys can suck and so can this evolving dating world we live in.

  2. From my experience many guys are really into asking you to "meet up and grab a drink." This drink thing may or may not include their buddies. The word "grab" implies a quick, no frills, no dinner, appetizers if you are lucky casual encounter. LAME. Its as if they can't commit to the whole dining experience.

  3. Guys guys guys (you cannot call them men). They are very weird creatures, they will play mind games and expect for women to fillow suit. They are simply not interested in being in a relationship anymore. All they want is to "hangout and have a good time". Next!

  4. this totally made me think how even on The Bachelor-- the guy doesn't even have to ask the women on dates. They get a date card delivered to them. On last week's episode, Juan Pablo personally delivered the date card and it was a BIG deal. What's even creepier is that Chris Harrison is the one that invites them to spend the night in a fantasy suite with Juan Pablo. WTF.

  5. You wanted equal rights. Now use them and ask a guy out!