Friday, February 14, 2014

Singles Awareness & the BLOW OFF

When I first heard that some had started referring to Valentine's Day as Singles Awareness Day (SAD), my initial thought was: HILARIOUS, totally have to write a blow off post about that.  And then the more I thought it about it, I realized that it's kind of fucked up.  Hear me out.  We have World AIDS day (December 1st) and National Human Traffiking Awareness Day (January 11th) and we even have International Stuttering Awareness Day (October 22nd) and now a Singles Awareness Day--- as though not having a significant other is a virus or an international crisis or a horrible impediment?


First of all, everyday should be singles awareness day (I'm talking to you person who posts photos of all the sweet stuff your boyfriend does for you on Facebook).  Second of all, can we give our single friends a little more credit?  Sure, Valentine's Day is no fun.  It sucks worse than New Year's and Halloween because at least during those holidays people throw parties where you might be able to meet someone.  BUT, I seriously don't think there are single people behind closed doors shaking in the fetal position just because it's February 14th. 

Being single is not a virus or an international crisis or a horrible impediment.  For many people, it's a choice.  Some people prefer their independence and don't want to be in relationships-- especially with someone mediocre (on the flip side, some people want to be in relationships SO bad, they're okay with mediocre).  And even for peeps who would prefer to be dating someone right now, they've got other things going on in their lives beyond listening to the latest Taylor Swift album on repeat and watching Notting Hill over and over again.

Instead of Singles Awareness Day, maybe we should call it Being Single is Awesome Day (B-SAD).  In fact, February 14th is a perfect day for a bar crawl.  You know who won't be in bars?  Guys with girlfriends or girls with boyfriends.  Not to mention V-Day is on a Friday night.  This could actually be the best night to go out and find someone that's not mediocre. Trust me, it'll be more fun than staying in and binge watching Season two of House of Cards (which is what most couples are probably doing). 

And if that doesn't cheer you up.  Orgasm Day is June 21st this year.  Mark your calendars! 


  1. I'm going out to the bar(s) with my friend who is single. We are going to get dressed up & have a ball...I'm pretty sure our single-fabulousness is going to radiate!

  2. My only goal for Friday was to makeout with a random at a bar — he came over last night.