Thursday, February 20, 2014

throwback thursday: Prom 1998

prom, 1998.  The guy in the background was named Dumpy.
Since a lot of our contributors have the guts to share embarrassing dating stories (as they're happening to them) I decided it was due time for me to dig into my dating time capsule and share a few embarrassing details of my own.  See above: my senior prom photo. 

Steve (or Sven as I called him) was my first serious boyfriend.  He had prettier (longer) hair than me and insane side burns.  He was also really into death metal (or was it black metal, seriously please explain the difference someone), video games, and playing bass.  He was an amazing bass player.  And yes, he totally wore a cape and a top hat to prom.  And I totally wore a dress straight out of the store window of Bebe.

I was actually lucky.  I had a great first boyfriend.  He was incredibly devoted and very romantic for a seventeen year old boy.  I've been to every fancy expensive restaurant in the downtown Saratoga area thanks to him.  One time, he even drove his dad's Morgan to take me out on a date.  He also gave me a ring from the movie The Crow that said something about love and forever. Steve was also the first guy I ever kissed (I know, I was a late bloomer) first everything else.  Well, not everything, but you know what I mean. Our most scandalous make out location was on the graduation stage of the middle school near his house (not during graduation).

Looking back, I'm pretty damn proud of my seventeen year old self for being secure enough to date the guy who wore a maroon tux, carried a cane, and rocked a top hat to prom.  After all, I worked at the Baby Gap.
awww, the 90s.  I'm wearing a choker.
Steve and I tried to stay together when I left for college, but I met someone older and more granola and broke up with him.  Then regretted it and got back together with him.  And then he evened the score and broke up with me.  BUT you guys already know all this if you read this blog on the regular.

Today I only stay in touch with Steve over Facebook (by staying in touch I mean his updates sometimes show up on my newsfeed)--  but he's since cut his hair, shaved his side burns, and is living the dream as a video game designer.  AND he's engaged to a woman with way prettier hair than him. 


  1. Are we doing this? All right, then, we're doing this.

    (The prom and the dame each have some notoriety of their own.)

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  3. OMG, Josh-- in your spare time please write a TBT post about this.