Thursday, February 6, 2014

WTF is wrong with Joel and Julia?

I used to love Parenthood.  Okay, I still do, but lately it's a love/hate kind of a relationship.  First of all, nothing ever happens on the show yet somehow I still cry in every episode.  Second of all, why does every single man fall head over heels for Sarah and Amber?  These two should totally start a mother/daughter gold-digging business.  They'd make a killing.  Third of all, why doesn't Adam ever get his own storyline?  I love Monica Potter as much as the next person, but Peter Krause is totally wasted on the show. Finally, I get that the show likes to focus on the mundane aspects of family life BUT I really don't care that Crosby and Jasmine have mold in their house or that Max is being sent to the library during History class.  Do you know what I do care about?

JOEL AND JULIA.  And I know you guys do too, because two of you commented about it last week on an entirely different post.  That said...

I have no idea what the fuck is going on in their storyline.  I'm not sure what it is about these two.  Maybe it's that Joel reminds me of Scott Speedman or that whenever Julia gets choked up with those long lashes, I want to tell her everything will be okay--- whatever it is, they're the most interesting couple on the show.  I mean, the open adoption storyline two seasons ago was probably the best story the show has ever done.  Agreed?  But this year, I'm a little confused.  Why are they getting separated?

Don't get me wrong.  The two of them have always been way too perfect and it's nice to finally see some conflict in their relationship.  I also LOVE the whole notion of how a marriage is impacted when one person's career is awesome and the other person's career is stalled (totally not speaking from experience) but they're really going to get divorced because Julia kissed another guy?

Here's a storyline refresher.  Julia made friends with another dad at school (Ed) at the same time that she and Joel weren't seeing eye to eye about whether to hold Victor (their adopted son) back a grade.  Joel was inexplicably mean to Julia for a few episodes and she kissed her friend Ed.  Here's the kiss:

Okay, so it wasn't totally chaste and Julia obviously has a little crush on the guy BUT is it grounds for divorce? Joel gets extra pissed, because initially Julia lies and says nothing happened, and when she  finally does come clean he decides to move out.  kiss + lie = divorce?  WHAT?  Have you seen how nice their house is?  Why would anyone want to leave that place?

Here's the deal.  It's like the writers of Parenthood wanted to have their cake and eat it too.  They played it too safe.  They wanted to milk all the drama of them splitting up without Julia actually having to do anything too bad.  This is kind of the problem with the show.  They don't take risks, because then that would mean something was actually happening.  But what if....Julia had actually slept with Ed?  I know, I know-- that wouldn't make her perfect, but it would at least make Joel's behavior seem way less over the top.  Right now he just seems like a whiny little bitch. 

Let's not forget that not too long ago they adopted a troubled child whose mother went to jail.  Shouldn't they stay together purely to give poor little Victor some stability?  The guy has been through enough what with getting held back. You can't just adopt a kid and get divorced a year later.  It makes no sense.  This isn't giving myself or my husband a free pass to kiss anyone we want, but I'm not sure I'd end our marriage over a slip like that.  I'd be devastated and wouldn't talk to him for weeks and I would maybe murder the girl, but divorce him?  How could I do that to our dog?

Is that kiss worth the look on these kids' faces?  I don't think so.  BUT this is still the hottest shit that's happening on the show (if watching Kristina run for mayor wasn't bad enough, we now have to watch her open a school? And I don't care about Drew's love life.) SO I'm sticking with it.  Joel and Julia forever and ever.


  1. (if my comment gets posted again, it's my phone's fault)

    first, i'm so glad i'm not the only one watching this show. and i love/hate this show too because it's so depressing all the time but i find myself thinking about what the characters are up to between episodes - which i recognize is really sick. i don't mind some of the mundane stuff - but if adam and christina got mold, they'd handle it in too boring a way - has to be crosby and jasmine.

    anyway, having said that - joel has LOST HIS DAMN MIND. just lost it. what is he THINKING? i sort of wish they had revealed he's guilty about something or there's even ONE other thing behind him leaving... i mean, he's being SO dramatic! also, the kids (who i regularly almost run over on the lot) are pretty damn good little actors in my opinion - especially with the improv-y style of the show.

    note - i think adam doesn't get a lot of his own storylines because the actor actually directs episodes now so maybe he doesn't want to have too much going on? i don't know... what do i know? you're the tv expert!

    also - i realize how sad i am talking this much about fake people but i could literally host an after-show special for 6 hours every week.


    1. We should totally have a Parenthood show where we discuss the show. We can call it Talking 'Hood!

  2. Was Joel really mean to her a few episodes or was he so pissed off that she wanted to hold Victor back and that he felt that if they worked harder with him, especially her since she's smart and home? I'm still a big fan of the thought that he resents her so much for not going to bat for him like he did for her when she went on her career path that he just stopped trying to make things work.

    Resentment is poison and I'm guilty of it. I hold grudges forever and I may seem fine on the outside but inside I'm judging and hating you. Everything you do pisses me off more and more not matter how big or small.

    But that's just my thoughts. I'm always team dad. It's a sickness.

    1. Okay, I totally agree with all of this BUT to met it still seems like based on their history you would at least try marriage counseling or something before moving out. He's not even trying to make it work. I think all of this would have made more sense if it happened AFTER they lost that other baby. that had like no impact on their marriage and it should have been way more traumatic.

  3. I got sucked into this show a while back and still watch it -- even though I kind of hate it, too. From the bad "natural" acting to the music video montages to the ridiculously gorgeous yet homey real estate -- it's so bad it's freakin' brilliant.

    The Joel and Julia thing isn't just about the kiss. They had been growing apart for a while. I actually find them a bit irritating and I really hated the Victor storyline at first. They finally got a bit more realistic with that but I still think the kid is a bit too weirdly well-adjusted. Adoptions involving older kids are extremely difficult and I always felt the hardships were a bit glossed over.

    You know who is the worst this season? The mom! With her art and her Paris and her long, boring descriptions of museum trips. And painting in the backyard while eating grapes? ? Come on. Such pretension!! Makes my eyes roll up hard in my head.

    That said, she looks absolutely gorgeous. So refreshing to see an older actress who lets her natural beauty shine.

    1. OMG, so true! Millie needs to get over herself. I hate people who go to a foreign country for a month and come back all pretentious about it. But she looks gorgeous-- can you believe she was Bruce Willis's wife in Die Hard?

  4. I'm so over Millie! She is ridiculous. You have this husband who is opening up and clearly realizing how in love with her he is and how he had taken her for granted this whole time and she doesn't even notice! (excuse that run on sentence, I was furiously typing and couldn't pause for punctuation) She's like one of those people who go to England for a few weeks and come back with an accent. I can't take it.

  5. Thank you! Thank you! This whole Joel and Julia break up has been pissing me off. I'm glad I am not alone.