Wednesday, April 30, 2014

30 tips for a successful marriage

My parents recently moved to a new house, so last weekend I paid them a visit and combed through a bunch of boxes of old photos, journals, term papers, yearbooks, etc.  I may have to start a new series on the BLOW OFF called "excerpts from my high school diary"-- all the entries are incredibly cringe-worthy (I actually used to say "make love").  I also stumbled across an anniversary card I gave to my mom and dad ten years ago that listed thirty things they taught me about marriage.  I know I did a similar post awhile back, but I was lazy then and could only think of five things. Below is a much more comprehensive list:

30. Always sleep in the same bed.

29. Hold hands on car rides.

28. Go out to for nice dinners and take your time to order.

27. Dance with each other.

26. Call each other by a term of endearment (my parents call each other azizam in Farsi which translates to "my love")

25. Tell each other you look nice before you go out.  (Editor's note, I'd like to now change "nice" to "hot.")

24. Go on vacation, even if it's for one night.

23. Save your love letters. 

22. Forget your fights.

21. Always eat dinner together. 

20. Work together if you can (my parents have somehow been able to stay happily married and work together-- in the same office-- for the majority of their marriage.  Not sure how they managed that.)

19. Kiss hello and good bye.

18. Money's not important.

17.  Keep some things between yourselves.

16. Make each other laugh.

15. Stand up for each other.

14. Stand up for yourselves.

13. Talk fondly about the past and make plans for the future.

12. Listen to good music together.

11. Don't let other people butt into your relationship.

10. Tell each other everything (even if your kids ask you not to).  Peeps with kids, do you agree with this one?

9. Buy each other gifts for no reason.

8. Spend time with your kids and spend time away from them.

7. Compliment each other's cooking.

6. Make yourself happy by making each other happy.

5. Saying you're sorry and admitting you're wrong is more important than being right all the time.

4. Be comfortable spending time apart at parties and talking to other people.

3. Surprise each other.

2. You can never say "I love you" too much.

1. Set an example for your kids so they can be just as happy as you someday.

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