Thursday, April 10, 2014

How Do You Get Back Together?

Call me the anti-Taylor Swift but I have a question for the blow off-sphere. How do you get back together? I always hear about my friends who have broken up with their S.O. and they get back together. Celebs split and reconcile all the time. But how? I've never gotten back together with anyone I've ever dated.  I used to have a joke in my very short-lived stand-up comedy career that no one has ever come back to me. And I've never wanted to go back to them- until now.  Having never been the recipient of these actions I don't know how to initiate them.

But how does one pull this off? Do you just reach out? When do you confess that you want to try things again? I know I cannot jump into bed with him. You don't want to scare them off but you should be honest about what you want...right? I  am so unclear on how to maneuver these situations. I recently read that Kim Kardashian was trying to start an affair with Kanye West, while she was with Reggie Bush and he was with Amber Rose. She went as far as sending racy photos of herself to West. While I'm not going to be a home wrecker I kind of admire Kim's balls for going after what she wanted. I mean awful Vogue cover aside, she got the guy.

People do this all the time.  Is it like poker where you have to go all in?  Start out as friends first? I know there are a lot of variables that I'm not sharing, but I know this person is single and I really want to try again. I know that at one point this person was very attracted to me and liked me. Nothing catastrophic happened so hopefully that never went away.  Sooooooo, how do you start seeing someone again?



  1. You don't. You grow apart and the become odd aquaintences.

  2. I think you need to just ask him out for drinks or coffee. If nothing major happened, then you're never going to know you have a shot unless you put yourself out there and ask him on a date. When you go out, don't sleep with him, but see what happens and where it goes. If he has a good time, I'm sure he'll contact you again and that things can blossom from there.

  3. I agree with anonymous #2 and I would just make sure that he's not on the rebound, because sometimes that's when peeps want to hook up with people from their past. Too scared to seek out something new and are looking for something comfortable and familiar.

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