Monday, April 7, 2014

little girls & the BLOW OFF

I've always figured James Franco for one of those sexually eccentric type of guys.  You know, the kind who's given out his fair share of blow jobs, but doesn't consider himself gay or even bi.  He's just someone who's attracted to people.  And yet somehow, I didn't figure him for the type who would try to lure a teenaged girl into a hotel room.  In case you don't know the details of the story, Franco took a picture with a fan outside of the theater where he's currently starring in Of Mice and Men.  The fan posted the picture on Instagram and tagged him in it.  He then reached out to her and asked if he should book them a hotel room-- knowing full well that she was only seventeen.

There's always a camp of people out there who roll their eyes when people like me get all kinds of "WHAT THE FUCK" about this stuff.  They always say "what do you expect, he's a celebrity-- of course he's going to try to hook up with a seventeen year old." You can just add his name to a list that already includes the likes of Rob Lowe, Woody Allen, Jerry Lee Lewis, Elvis Presley, Don Johnson, R. Kelly, and yes-- even Paul Walker.  Not to mention countless other men who haven't been caught hooking up with women much younger than them.  So my question is-- is this just a celebrity thing? Famous men are used to sleeping with whoever they want, so naturally, they're drawn to younger women?  Or is this an every man kind of thing?  Do all of you guys abide by the David Woodersen rule of law-- you know-- "That's what I love about these high school girls, man. I get older, they stay the same age."

When I asked my husband if this was the case, he gave me a loud resounding NO.  But in case he's in the minority then...

Dudes.  You're all totally disgusting.  I'm not even going to go into my feminist psycho-analysis rant about what this means about you, but do you know how much you're fucking up these girls simply to stick your penis in a young vagina???  I don't mean to discredit these teenagers.  I'm sure they are smart and perfectly capable of making their own decisions and I'm sure many of them have an ample amount of sexual experience under their belt, but I can't help but feel that they are being robbed of something by these old predatory men. 

A seventeen year old girl on vacation in New York with her mom is simply too young to go meet a 30something movie star in a hotel room, have sex with him, and then never hear from him again.  This will skew every other sexual experience she will have.  She might never be able to have a normal relationship with men her own age.  She might suddenly develop daddy issues that were never there in the first place.  She might live the rest of her life seeking out men that are detached and unavailable.  I don't care if she'll have a really good story to tell her grandkids-- you guys can screw twenty-five year old women for that. 

Sadly, I don't think Franco's career will be impacted by this at all.  In fact, some people are still actually spinning this as purely a publicity stunt for his movie Palo Alto (based on his book of short stories) and some are even applauding him for admitting he screwed up on Live with Kelly & Michael.  But really, the only thing he admitted to was not being more careful when using social media.
Personally, I think we should applaud the young lady he tried to seduce. Instead of meeting him in his hotel room, she posted their entire "dodgy" conversation on the internet.  That's straight up vigilante kind of shit.

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  1. I was really hoping this was all a publicity stunt for Palo Alto. :/