Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Ethics of Recycling Sexts

You're probably rolling your eyes. Another post on another dating blog about sexting. Don't worry, I realize that the rules and how-to's on the topic have been covered ad nauseum. But there's something that hasn't been discussed. Is it okay to send photos of yourself that you've sent to someone you previously dated to someone new that you're dating?

Ladies, we all know that we usually take said photo's while our body's are at peak physical condition i.e. not after a weekend of binge eating and stuffing our faces full of In-N-Out (protein style or not) after a few cocktails. We've got our pictures looking perfect so can we use them again in the future, right? Obviously if you've cut your hair or gotten (or removed) breast implants or gone through any other major physical transformation I'd say no. Otherwise, why the hell not?

Hopefully they aren't being shared so it's not like anyone would be able to tell they weren't originally intended for them. We say "I love you" to more than one partner in our lives and just because we've said it before it doesn't take the power away from saying it to someone new. I say go ahead and recycle. Just make sure to throw some new ones in the mix- you know to keep it interesting. How do you feel about recycling sexts?



  1. I am so guilty of this! And I always have a little inner conflict when I do it. Especially when they're like, aren't you at work? LOL

  2. I've never sent naked pics of myself to anyone. Does everyone do this? Am I just a total prude?

    1. Mine aren't naked. Just very suggestive and with some skin showing- and head always cropped out!