Tuesday, April 15, 2014

We're getting divorced. Let's go on vacation!

There are many aspects of a celebrity relationship that none of civilians will ever deal with or understand.  We don't have to make a statement about our break ups (though some of us still do on Facebook), we don't have to decide whether or not to walk the red carpet together, and we don't have to live in fear that "scheduling conflicts" will kill our undying love for each other.

AND...we generally don't go on vacation together to celebrate our impending divorce.
Okay, on some level, I sort of understand why Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin went to the Bahamas together.  The announcement that they were getting divorced crashed her website.  They needed to get away from the media frenzy.  Plus, they have kids so a family vacation was their way of saying "we're still a family" even though we'll eventually live in two different houses and add new spouses to the equation.  But Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt did the same thing right before they announced their split and they even brought Courtney Cox and David Arquette along with them.

Um...let me think about that.  My friend asks me if Bry and I want to join her and her husband on their last vacation together as a married couple.  My response?  Oh hell no.  That sounds like the most awkward, sad, weird, will make me question my own marriage, kind of a getaway.

SO why do people do this?  Is it to have one last hurrah or is it their last ditch effort to save their relationship?  Like, if we're surrounded by gorgeous beaches and palm trees and waterfalls-- AND we still can't make it work, then we're fucking doomed and might as well end it now.  Is this the same reason a lot of people end up breaking up on vacation

If I was going through a divorce or if the break up writing was on the wall, the last person I'd want to go on vacation with would be a guy who's no longer interested in having sex with me.  I'd much rather gather all of my girlfriends and make them buy me margaritas and tell me how awesome I am all day long.  Wouldn't everybody?  I mean, come on Gwyneth.  You know Cameron Diaz had her bags packed and ready to go.

What do you guys think?  Is a vacation a beautiful end to the relationship or just a really bad idea?  Comment below!


  1. There's no way I would go on vacation with someone if we weren't going to be having hotel sex. That's the only reason to go on vacation with someone of the opposite sex, break up or not.

  2. It would be a very sad vacation. Stars have the money to have sad vacations - ordinary people can't afford to ruin their vacation with sad memories. We won't get another vacation for a year!