Monday, May 12, 2014

double dates & the BLOW OFF

the H-bomb and I on a double date with my sister and brother-in-law. (it was NYE)
Congratulations!  You're in a serious relationship.  A few things are going to change about your life.  For starters, you'll start referring to the night(s) that you hang out with your friends as a "girls night" or a "dudes night".  You will also be thoroughly baffled by anyone who sets a social event on a Sunday night, since everyone should know that this is the night you stay in with your significant other to watch HBO.'ll start going on a bunch of double dates. Which is the equivalent of dating another couple.

Double dates are considered a nice change of pace from a regular solo date night, but if you don't like the other couple, they can be challenging and painful.  You'll come away thinking-- why did we waste a perfectly good night with Mr. and Mrs. Annoying when we could have been hanging out just the two of us?!  They also might indirectly bring up some tense relationship issues.  There's a good chance you'll spend the evening comparing your relationship to the other couples.  Or you might get upset when your sig-other innocently pokes fun at you.  And you might get embarrassed by them in a way you never would if you were alone together.

You're basically risking your entire relationship by going on a double date, so here are a few key tips to keep in mind.  First, it's really important for the respective sexes to get along with each other.  If my husband and your husband get along swimmingly, but you and I have absolutely nothing to talk about-- then chances are, this is not a match made in heaven.  I always breathe a sigh of relief when my female counter-part watches any show on Bravo.  Then I know we'll have no problem making conversation.  If you go out with a couple who has a kid, then there's added pressure to show them a good time.  Seriously, these people never go out.  If you fuck it up, there's a 99% chance they'll be the ones to come away thinking they wasted a precious evening with you.  The good news is they usually want to meet as early as 6pm so you still have an entire night to yourselves when the date ends at 8pm.

You also need to keep the price point of the restaurant in mind.  I always think it's best to go middle of the road in terms of dollar signs.  Too expensive just gets awkward if the other couple is in dire financial straits that you're unaware of, but picking a place too cheap might make them think you have no taste.  And you also need to know beforehand if you're dining with picky eaters.  Most of the couples the H-bomb and I love to double date with enjoy foods like oysters, uni, and sweetbreads.

Don't be scared off by blind double dates.  This is a date when only one member of each couple knows the other.  These dates actually terrify me from the onset, BUT, some of the blind double dates I've gone on have been the best.  Think about it: all of your stories are new again!  You can break out all of your funniest bits, because this couple has never heard them!  You can tell them things like how you met, because they have no idea! It's awesome.  But if it all goes terribly wrong, then you will probably BLOW them OFF and immediately take them out of your double date rotation.

Have you guys ever had any terrible double dates?  Comment below! 

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