Thursday, June 5, 2014

25 things women need to understand about men

Last month, I wrote a post listing the twenty-five things men need to understand about women.  Chicks totally loved it.  Not sure about the dudes out there.  So, I decided to survey the men in my life (and on my Facebook feed) for suggestions.  Below are the answers I got.  Please keep in mind these opinions come from an array of guys.  With that: twenty-five things women need to understand about men (WRITTEN BY MEN)

25. We sometimes want a quick and easy fix for certain situations and this may appear as if we don't care and simply want things to move on, but we do care. The sooner we can see things in a positive light. the better-- that's all.

24. Leave us alone when we need our space and don't get emotional cause you think we are tired of you or don't like you anymore, we just need to get away and be by ourselves to reboot.

23.  When ladies ask "what are you thinking?" The honest answer is usually "nothing much." But that's kind of embarrassing to admit.

22.  If you think we're lying and acting shady we absolutely are.

21.  We love paying for dinners, trips, nice gifts, etc, and even if we say we don't expect anything in return, a little reciprocity every once in a while is greatly appreciated.

20.  We love and have sentimental attachment to certain old articles of clothes. Let us keep our concert shirt from 1998 and we'll happily wear any button up from J. Crew you want to force us into.

19.  We mean exactly what we said. Exactly those words in that order, according to their dictionary definition. We do NOT mean something else.

18.  If we're quieter/moodier/mumbling to ourselves, it's rarely ever about you, unless we JUST had a fight. It's usually about sports, or we're tired/hungry. Try offering food.

17. That whole #3 thing? (Editor's note, in reference to #3 on our list: "I don't even need to tell you guys not to hold our heads down during a BJ because you totally already know that, right?  I mean, seriously.  What if we did that to you while you were going down on us?"). We might like that.  We like unsubtle hints and directions in that regard.

16. Most things can be related back to the fact that we're only a couple generations away from being cavemen.

15. There's nothing worse than when you nag us. You essentially become our mothers. (Editor's Note: I asked what the difference between nagging and asking is-- answer: it's all in the tone.  See #6 for further instructions).

14. We as men generally don’t plan for anything, so don’t be surprised when you ask a bunch of questions and not only do we not have answers, but we’re surprised you think we know what you’re talking about.

13. On that note, stop always planning shit in advance. Can't we be spontaneous sometimes?

12. When we say “you look fine” what we really mean is “you look amazing,” or "DAMN GIRL, YOU LOOK FINE” it also means “come on let’s go, you take way too long, and you are killing my mood.”

11.  We'd like you to tell us how you can multi-task so well.  It's never going to be one of our strong suits.

10. We don't hang out or talk to our friends the same way you talk to your friends.  So when we come home from a night out and you ask us how their kids are, their jobs, why they broke up with their girlfriend, we most likely won't know, because we didn't talk about it.

9. If we ever say we don't want to get serious with anyone right now, we're lying.  We just don't want to get serious with you.

8. If you praise another man, we think you are trying to make a dig at us. With men, it's a competition. If you make any comment about another man, we'll hear a silent "unlike you" at the end.

7. When we say we don't want to talk about it, we really don't. (again, refer to #19)

6. "Would you please do XYZ" goes a lot farther than "Can you do XYZ".  One is a request - the other is commentary on your capabilities.  What goes even farther? "It would make me so happy if you would do XYZ" - We aim to please.

5. We love you and our favorite sports teams equally, except on Sundays.

4. Sometimes we think we look awesome when we put together an outfit, don't rain on our parade.

3. If we say something that could be taken two ways, and one of those ways is offensive or hurtful... we meant it the other way.

2. Sometimes we look at other women in front of you pretending to look at their car/dog/any other lie we could figure for the situation. I haven't done it in a while, but I definitely have in the past.

1. Believe it or not, we don't always want to have sex. sometimes we just want to watch Game of Thrones and fall asleep.  Or maybe we just had too many tacos for lunch.

Anything the guys missed or got wrong?  Comment below! 


  1. #9 just broke my heart a little. I just had "this" conversation. :(

    1. oh no :( I felt a little sad reading it to, b/c I've definitely heard that from guys in the past. Whoever he is, he's stupid Chef_Y!

  2. If a guy loves you...
    Go with THAT.
    Don't read a bunch of shit into anything. I like what I read above, because the outlined topics are the main issues even in healthy relationships.
    "Don't boss my ass around!"
    "Watch that TONE"
    When we say,"I got this..." back up, and know we DO. hooked-up w a LOP...time to vacate.
    Be a WOMAN. Make us feel like KINGS...we LOVE to make you a queen.
    LOVE IT.
    Don't listen to me, simply know...we LOVE IT.
    (It's much easier w/o all the questions, btw).
    Have some faith, and don't date OBVIOUS LOSERS...ladies,you are golden.
    You are marrying what you see.
    You better like what you see.
    We are simple, and can make most things work...just show respect, and be gorgeous.
    We love you.
    Oh yea...
    Fuck us.
    A lot.
    Thanks again, you can be such a howl w TBO.
    DR (Married to the most beautiful woman in the world)

  3. #9 is textbook. Humans are relational beings. We want to love and be loved. EVERYONE is looking for someone. Accept no exceptions or excuses!