Monday, June 30, 2014

can men find anyone to date them?

Seriously, can they?  I was debating this issue with my friend "Ad Nauseum" back in February after we were shocked to learn that George Zimmerman had a girlfriend-- a detail we learned after he was arrested for domestic violence. Yes, the George Zimmerman that murdered seventeen-year-old Trayvon Martin in Florida, whose wife left him after the trial-- already had a girlfriend.  W-T-F.  Not to be totally superficial, but A. he's not attractive and B. he's a psycho-murderer.  My friend Ad Nauseum is gorgeous and smart and single and she couldn't help thinking HOW THE FUCK DOES GEORGE ZIMMERMAN HAVE A GIRLFRIEND AND I'M SINGLE?!?!?!?!?

This is a good question.  And the truth is, it's not just George Zimmerman.  There are plenty of not so nice, not so attractive, not so smart men who have wives and girlfriends.  And somehow it seems like there's an over-abundance of attractive, intelligent, kind women who are single.  So...what gives?  The only explanation can be that there's also a faction of women out there who are willing to DATE ANYONE.  And a faction of awesome men who will settle down with NO ONE.  Which means that shitty guys get girlfriends and awesome women remain alone. 

I mean, Chris Brown still got a girlfriend AFTER he beat up Rihanna-- (only to then dump her for Rihanna).  Jon Gosselin's had like five girlfriends since his divorce from Kate.  Even John Bobbitt found someone else to marry him again.  And I'm not just talking about pseudo-celebrities.  I've come across a few non-famous duds in my life who have girlfriends that are way too good for them.

Men (who aren't picky) can find anyone to date them and women can't.  Which is why some ladies, in times of desperation, will date whoever is available.  So, how do we solve this?  We make an appeal to all the good men in the world-- I know some of you exist.  Most of you are gay, but for you straight ones out there: being single is overrated.  Consider getting into a serious relationship.  Consider settling down.  Consider not staying up nights scrolling to the left on Tinder.  Consider not being intimidated by a woman who might have a better career than you.  Please.  You alone have the power to put an end to the dating drought.

And if that doesn't happen, we'll just have to put our faith in the batch of hot 30-something divorcees that are bound to emerge in the next few years. 

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  1. Was literally just having this conversation. I know drug addicts who go out almost 7 nights a week that have really pretty, intelligent, girlfriends and my girlfriends that are intelligent and pretty, and myself are single and have slim pickins if we want more than a casual hook up.