Friday, June 6, 2014

RIP Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart

Apparently, these two blame their conflicting schedules for ending their relationship?  Uh...their conflicting schedules of JLo working her booty off and Casper following her around?  Right.  It had nothing to do with rumors swirling that Casper was trading messages with transgender models on Instagram.

Do you guys think Jennifer Garner gets a little nervous every time JLo becomes single?  I mean, I know Ben would never officially go there again.  He has another Oscar, he's playing Batman, he's in a David Fincher movie and leaving his wife/kids for the true love of his life would create a media shitstorm.  That said, I would not be surprised if Garner gets pregnant in the next few months.  Ugh, I'm the worst.  I actually really like Jennifer Garner.  What's wrong with me?

Mostly, I'm just excited to see who JLo dates next.  She usually goes from back up dancer to full-fledged movie star.  Unfortunately, not too many of those dudes are single these days.  Seriously, who's left for her to date?  The only single guy that comes to mind is Michael Fassbender and I just don't see the two of them together.  What do you guys think?  Who should be JLo's next Papi?

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