Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Do Men Like Jealousy?

Okay ladies, has this ever happened to you? You've been with a guy and gone into jealous mode and it seemed to kinda turn him on? Here was my recent situation.... this guy I'm seeing and I were going to bed and I realized after a few minutes that he was turned over and on his phone. Now, having dated a ton of assholes, of course I think he's being shady as fuck and he's probably texting some other bitch that she can't come over,because I'm spending the night and he can't get rid of me.

Side Note-- he's actually a really good guy and there's no reason why I should've had these thoughts, but date enough jerks, it just seems like all guys will turn into a douche at some point or another so I thought that point had come last night.

Here's how the dialogue went:

Me: Do you want me to leave?

Him: What are you talking about?

Me: I just feel uncomfortable.

Him: Um, why?

Me: Because you're being all secretive on your phone. Like I don't want to be some idiot laying naked in your bed while you're texting other girls.

Him: (laugh) I'm reading sports blogs. I like to read them before bed. (shows me the phone). That is not where my head is at nor do I have any interest. Do you want me to put it away?

Me: No. I'm sorry. I- keep reading.

Then I turned back towards my side and he finished and when he did he held me tighter and kissed my neck and shoulder even more than he had been prior to this incident. I felt like I acted like a crazy person but then I started to think about it and I think he enjoyed it.  He liked that in some way I was getting all bent out of shape that he might be texting other girls because it showed I care. Granted, I let it drop and I didn't go full on 5150 crazy. And he got an apology blow job in the morning.  FYI- apology blow jobs can fix almost anything.

After that, we laid in bed and he brought up the incident-

Him: You were funny last night.

Me: I'm sorry. But I mean come on it was a realistic assumption. Like, if I was doing the same thing wouldn't you think I was probably texting other guys. (don't let him answer) PS that was an apology blow job.

So I thought I had maybe ruined things, but he found it amusing and got a little bit of an ego boost out of it.

We both laughed it off, but what do you guys think? Do you think men like it when you get a little bit jealous- not to the point where you are putting a damper on your relationship but just a little to know that they mean something to you?



  1. I think men are fucking weird, they change the things they like or don't like from blow job to blow job. You can never keep up. I don't know why us girls try!

  2. I think everyone likes it when their sig other is a little jealous-- as long as it's not psycho possessive, I think it's actually kind of insulting if they're not jealous at all.

  3. Nothing is more annoying than jealousy. I'm not sure who thinks it's flattering, but I'd rather not have to deal with a girlfriend questioning every time I talk to another female or something. It doesn't make me feel like my girlfriend cares, it makes me feel like she's insanely insecure.

    I think if you get jealous or worried about someone being on his side on his phone there are other bigger issues at play. If you don't trust your boyfriend enough to be comfortable not knowing or being able to see everything he's doing then why be in a relationship with that person. Either that guy has done something in the past to make you question his behavior (then probably don't be in a relationship), or you're so scarred from previous relationships that you're always uncomfortable (then probably don't be in a relationship). That's my 2 cents.

    Also, I've never heard of an apology blowjob and I'm a guy and think that you're really setting an incredibly low bar for yourself if you feel the need to give someone an apology blowjob. There's a whole can of insecurities you can pull from that and it says "I lack self confidence."

    I think you should have more faith in yourself and your partner and it'll improve your life significantly. Not saying it's easy to simply have more faith in yourself - but ya.

  4. oh boy, so personal experince i was slightly friendly to this guy then the girl who wasnt even dating him snapped at me..