Wednesday, July 30, 2014

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Naya & Groom #1
It's often joked about that some women want to get married so badly that it doesn't matter who the groom is. Correction, it's not necessarily that the women want to actually be married, they want to have a wedding. And that seems to be the case with Glee star Naya Rivera. For a quick recap, Rivera was engaged to rapper Big Sean in October of 2013 and then things became less than gleeful amidst rumors of Big Sean sleeping with Rivera's co-star Lea Michele and Sean releasing a statement in April saying that he decided to end the engagement. She's also been plagued with a flailing (to say the least) music career, rumors of being fired from Glee for bad behavior, and an obsession with morphing into none other than Kim Kardashian.

Come last week, Rivera has a "surprise" Mexican wedding to Ryan Dorsey who no one has ever heard of or even seen photographed with Rivera, which is odd because she's an incredibly "pap" friendly actress. But here's the clincher- she married Dorsey on the exact same day she was originally supposed to marry Big Sean. Excuse me? WTF? This would NEVER fly if the roles were reversed. Ladies, can you imagine marrying a man the exact same day he was supposed to marry his ex-fiance? I would be jealous, livid, and feel insignificant. She lost one groom so she substituted the next guy in line for her original husband-to-be. Was the rest of the wedding the same? Same dress? Same floral arrangement?

Allegedly, she didn't return her original engagement ring and there's speculation it might even be the one Big Sean gave her- I mean come on, even J.Lo returned her Bennifer ring after their broken engagement.

I understand that some girls have a vision of their wedding and their dress since they were little girls and just because the groom has changed it doesn't mean they should give up their entire vision, but in this case it seems a little more like Rivera wanted to give the proverbial finger to her ex and show him that if he didn't want to marry her she would find someone else to- and on their date. This marriage reeks of rebound/revenge and I don't see how you can build a stable marriage if this is how you start, regardless if you claim you've been friends for years before taking the plunge.

If Rivera wants to become Kim Kardashian she's off to a good start. Let's see if she and Dorsey outlast the infamous Krim marriage.

Ladies, would you be jealous if you had a wedding almost identical to the one your groom planned with his ex? Would you ever pull a Naya Rivera? Comment below!

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