Monday, August 18, 2014

#mancrushmonday: Chris Pratt

Welcome to our newest column: man crush Monday.  There are so many reasons that Chris Pratt has earned the right to be our very first inductee.  And since he's on his way to be being a behemoth movie star, I'd like to acknowledge him before all the fame and money and Oscars (yes, I think he'll win an Oscar someday) go straight to his head. Though I'm willing to bet that he might just be that rare kind of celebrity who never loses sight of what really matters in the world.

The first reason I love Chris Pratt is that he's married to one of my comedy girl crushes: ANNA FARIS.  Everyone says Lena Dunham is the most fearless actress of our generation BUT those people have never Just Friends or What's Your Number.  Anna Faris can do no wrong in my book (well, except for maybe that bad wig in The Dictator)-- she can hold her own with Alison Janney and had some of the funniest scenes in a movie starring Bill Murray.  Not to mention that for most of the time she's been with Chris Pratt-- she's been far more successful and that hasn't phased him.

Three words: Parks and Recreation.  In a cast with actors like Amy Poehler, Nick Offerman, and Aziz Ansari--his character Andy steals every scene he's in.  I mean, we all agree that Andy and April are the best part of the show, right?

He can still do dramatic turns in movies like Moneyball and Zero Dark Thirty and he's got serious emo indie cred by taking supporting roles in movies like Her.

He knows every single word to Forget About Dre:
His turn as Peter Quill in Guardians of the Galaxy replaces Tony Stark as the new favorite comic book hero.

He's a west coaster-- born and raised in Washington. And everyone knows the west coast is the best coast.

He's REALLY funny.  Oh and hot.  He's also hot.  But I don't want to sleep with him.  I just want to be friends with him and Anna Faris and hang out at their house and plays Cards Against Humanity, while discussing our favorite seasons of Top Chef.   It's not an impossible dream, guys.  Want to nominate anyone else for Man Crush Monday?  Comment below!


  1. Chris Pratt has had my heart since Everwood -- yeah, I watched that. Can't wait to see if your Oscar predictions come true!!

    And I love the new column idea, looking forward to seeing who else makes the cut!!

  2. girl, you are way ahead of your time! I remember seeing Chris Pratt and Anna Farris at a restaurant in west hollywood maybe 8 years ago and thinking, that's so sweet that she's dating a regular person. They're my new #1 couple.

  3. you forgot the fact that he does a mean french braid.

  4. That's it. I love him forever. If Bryon could french braid hair I would be so happy. The question is-- can he do a fishtail??