Thursday, August 28, 2014

Throwback Thursday: excerpts from my diary 1990

It's Throwback Thursday which means it's time for my ten-year-old self to drop some mad knowledge.  Back in 1990, I had some profound thoughts on a variety of topics.  And apparently I thought there was a two way conversation going on with my diary, because I ended most of my entries with a question. Luckily, I was also very concise and to the point.  I've kept all the typos and misspelled words, because I didn't want to compromise the authenticity of my entries.  For the record, I still think "chauvinist" should be spelled "shovinist."

On Love:
December 11, 1990
I think it's important to tell someone how you feel about them.  Whether you hate them or like them.  I think it's terrible for people to find out how you feel about them from someone else.  How do you know when you're in love?

January 5, 1990
Lonliness is something terrible.  Especially when your all alone.  except you have family but they leave you out of things.  You feel like it's all your fault.  I felt kind of lonely and not wanted.  I felt like that tonight, but you have to make the 1st move, have fun, dance.  That's the cure.

January 10, 1991
Does love last forever?  I guess there is no yes or no answer to that.  If you want to make it work you have to try.  There isn't a right or wrong person you have to have feelings for.  You'll know once you feel it.  You can't want to be in love.  You have to wait when you are ready to have feelings for someone.

On Gender Inequality
December 22, 1990
I wish that most abilities of men & women were equal!  Sometimes I'd like to know why people are so shovinest.  Are there a lot of women who are shovinest?  I guess their is.  How come men (boys) say that all we women (mostly girls) do is play dolls or talk on the phone?

On Fame & Los Angeles:
December 25, 1990
Well LA is all lights.  It's a wonderful city.  There are so many things to do! Disneyland tomorrow.  Rodeo Drive Thursday.  How can anyone get bored? As dumb as this may sound, I'm DYING to get a famous person's autograph!  Being rich and famous is great but having a family to love is better.

December 27, 1990
Being famous is wonderful and fortunately people like that are sometimes nice and normal, but others think that being rich and famous is the best thing that could happen to someone.  Well it's not because you could have wonderful miracles happen to you like having children or getting married.

On Holidays:
December 31, 1990
New Years Eve is the worste holiday.  I feel so lonely.  My cousins and sister go out somewhere.  Then I'm stuck with my two boy cousins who get on my nerves.  I'm ten years old and yet still two in everyone elses eyes.  New Years Eve is the worst night of the year and of my life.

February 11, 1991
Big problem!  Valentine's Day is coming soon!  Someone (well rumor has it) is going to ask me out!  The problem is one of my really good friends likes this person!  And another thing, I really like someone else! But how can I break his heart.  I mean it's Valentine's Day!

On Nutrition:
March 2, 1991
I have decided to make a plan of making myself taller.  I'm tired of people making fun of me.  I've started my plan out by drinking hot milk each night.  Hey it might help!  And as much as I hate it I'm going to start having to eat my vegetables!  Yuk!  (Except for mushrooms, I hate them)  Well I hope this plan will work. Do you think it will?

Do you guys have any hilarious diary entries from your past?  Email them to us at

And remember, when you're feeling sad about a break up--- "have fun, dance. That's the cure."

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