Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Just kidding.... I'm GAY!

You meet someone, you fall in love, you have a wedding, you buy a house, you have kids, you build a life together. And then, in one split second your entire world crumbles when your spouse suddenly confesses to you that just kidding... they're gay! Holy shiznit.  Talk about worst nightmare scenario.

In some ways, I'd be like sweet!  I've lost a husband, but now I've gained a gay best friend. But it would probably take me a few years of serious therapy to work through the anger, the humiliation, and the trust issues. Luckily, the H-bomb is one of those rare breed of straight men who dresses well and has good decorating taste.

Anyway, this might be controversial, but usually when these stories break-- our first thought is-- how sad that we live in a society that said person couldn't come out of the closet and had no choice but to live a lie.  I'm not saying that's not tragic. But I can't help feeling shitty for the straight spouse who's been left in the lurch-- while everyone talks about how their former husband or wife is SO brave for finally being honest.

I had a friend in college who may have been gay.  I say may because my assessment was based on a list of stereotypical criteria. But I did get him an internship where I worked with primarily gay men and they were all shocked that he was straight.  I kept expecting that at one point when we had one of our deep discussions about Sex and the City or Cher he would come out of the closet, but it never happened.  He's been married to a woman now for awhile and they have three kids. And while we're no longer in touch, part of me always wonders if I'll eventually hear from him and learn that he and his wife split up and he's now dating a man.

Recently news broke that a writer on Orange is the New Black left her husband of two years for one of the actresses on the show.  They are both stunningly beautiful which is neither here nor there, but I thought I'd throw it in.  She admitted she didn't know she was gay until she started writing for the series.  To that I say, really?  So her husband not only got left for another (hot) woman, the status of his divorce is also relatively public.  BUT he's also a TV writer, so he will probably sell a pilot about a guy whose wife ends up being a lesbian and leaving him for a famous actress. Silver lining!

Here's hoping that in the next decade, the prospect of coming out of the closet will be much less scarier and life-changing. And there will be less husbands and wives who will have the rug pulled out from under them.  I'm hoping my generation will raise kids who will feel comfortable enough to tell their parents at an early age that they're gay.  And by that I mean my future baby boy who will *fingers crossed* be all about SATC marathons.


  1. Who's her husband? Is he hot? I should look him up....

  2. He's pretty cute and his tweet from the day the story broke kind of breaks my heart. Poor guy. I'm sure he'll bounce back.