Wednesday, September 10, 2014

procrastinate kind of rhymes with masturbate.

What's the best thing about the internet? Finding ways to procrastinate! And there's no better day to do that than hump day. So, close that window with all of that boring work you have to do and watch some good break-up videos I've curated just for you.  It's the least you can do considering I've been  procrastinating on real work all day while writing this post. YOU'RE. WELCOME.

                                     *JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE!*
Silverman and her new bf Michael Sheen
Last week, Sarah Silverman appeared as a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live. These two dated for a loooong time. Since their break up, Kimmel's gotten married and Silverman is now dating Michael Sheen from Masters of Sex. Yeah. The guy who made a baby with Kate Beckinsale and dated Rachel McAdams not too long ago. I'm totally obsessed with watching these two exes discuss her new relationship on national television.
I know I'm SO late to the party, but I've been binge-watching Portlandia for the last week and there are so many good break-up sketches. If you're feeling fatigued at the tail end of wedding season, then watch the below video. And if only we could all divide up our friends after a break up the same way. I know the clip is long, but TRUST ME. Plus, I make up for it in the next video.

                            *How to Break-Up in 7 seconds*

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