Monday, October 6, 2014

You'd Be A Great Second Wife

"You'd be a great second wife."

That's the comment my friend made the other weekend that both made me feel better about the prospect of my romantic future and that lodged that knife just a wee bit deeper in my heart at the same time. Let's back track and dissect, shall we?

I was playfully gushing over a very attractive guy and happened to remark that he was getting divorced, so I better jump on that before all the other hoes out there do. That's when he said I would be a great second wife. Of course I immediately asked why, to which he replied that I was young and laid back and most likely the opposite of his nagging about to be ex-wife.

While I do like to think of myself as fairly laid back in a relationship, it both gave me comfort and sent me into a tailspin. When I get married, if I'm the first wife am I going to morph into that archetypal first wife? Does that mean with a second wife, a husband wants to be able to get away with whatever he wants and have his wife go with the flow instead of calling him on his bullshit? Does the archetypal first wife deserve the bad rap? Is she nagging and annoying by nature, or does the husband drive her to be that way with his lack of paying attention or selfish behavior? Is a second wife, by nature, more forgiving because she knows her husband isn't afraid to pull the plug on their marriage since he's done it once before?

It's the relationship equivalent of the chicken or the egg debate. Do you think the numeric order of wives has any effect on the mate a man chooses? First wife, second wife, hell- fifth wife, at this point it would be nice to be any wife. If I'd be a great second wife, I'll take it. Any hot divorcees out there?


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  1. As the blow off's resident divorced-and-remarried commenter, allow me to suggest that if dudebro is lucky, he will be a better husband to his second wife after having gone through a divorce and acquired certain lessons in compassion and humility.

    Judging by your description, he may have to wait until #3.