Monday, November 3, 2014

happy endings & the BLOW OFF

This past weekend marked the FIVE year anniversary of The BLOW OFF and to help me commemorate, our amazing designer Joli Barretta created the new masthead-- a heart broken into five pieces for each year the blog has existed. I can't believe I've stuck with this thing for that long. I also can't believe I still have not gotten a book or TV deal out of it, but who cares. The absolute best part of working on The BLOW OFF is getting emails from readers who say it's helped cheer them up after a break-up. I've heard from people all the way in the UK, Norway, and even Antarctica. Okay, that was a penguin who told me "you humans are dumb, we mate for life" but it still counts.

This site would not have survived without contributors who made it possible to have new content almost everyday. They don't even get paid and they still write posts! And for that, 20 LA Wannabe and Sammi Robbin are what I like to call my Most Valuable Playas.

So as a way to celebrate our 5 year anniversary, this week I'll be sharing some follow up posts from former contributors who've recovered quite nicely from the break-ups they blogged about. What better way to give everyone else hope? Here's a little preview of what to expect:

Film Girl (the one who Fed Exed a letter to her ex-boyfriend and never heard from him again) is now in a very happy relationship and living with her current boyfriend. This past weekend they went to New York so he could support her while she ran the marathon. Click here to read her BLOW OFF posts.

J Keith Van Rappin who blogged about losing his most precious belongings to his break-ups, ended up meeting a woman, while... wait for it... vegan speed dating. He's going to tell us how things progressed between him and Liz. Click here to read his BLOW OFF posts. Vegan speed-dating may be one of my all time favorites.

Carolyn Huynh was literally told by a fortune teller she would never find someone AND got dumped over sushi THEN found out she was an accidental mistress. She's now in a very happy long distance relationship with a FRENCH guy. Click here to read her BLOW OFF posts.

Single Asian Female, who just wanted someone to watch TV with, has now been in a relationship with a guy for 3+ years and they have a super cute apartment in Oakland. AND they met when he stumbled upon a BLOW OFF post she wrote, which basically makes this the greatest love story ever told. Click here to read her previous posts.

Lucky D, who went through the crazy post break-up obstacle course with the ex who tried to buy her a TV, got married this year to someone far more awesome and sane.  Click here to read her BLOW OFF posts.

If you've contributed to the BLOW OFF and want to share your happy ending (which for the record, does NOT have to involve being in a relationship. In fact, if you're single and happy and over your ex then you're exactly who we want to hear from) please send me your stories! Let's keep the positive energy going all week!


  1. It's taken 5 years, but I'm happy single and over the romantic notion of anything more than a platonic reconciliation with my ex.

  2. Happy Birthday to The Blow Off! It's been a pleasure, although I'm excited for the day that I run out of material for you :)