Thursday, December 4, 2014

advice from my ex-boyfriend?!

I really don't stalk my ex-boyfriends. I swear. I don't. But sometimes ex-information lands in your in your Facebook newsfeed without you trying to see what they did for Thanksgiving and being human I had to click on it out of morbid curiosity- and I think you'll understand why. My ex's sister, who I'm still peripherally friendly with, although she now lives in another state, is now a video blogger and does a weekly series for a local outlet. She's always posting them on Facebook and Instagram and promoting the hell out of them. To be honest, I never really watch since a lot of them are about nail art (in my opinion one of the scars of humanity in 2014, but that's another post entirely) but the title to this one caught my eye, "Brotherly Advice."

She'd had people writing in prior to this taping, who don't have an older brother, to ask and get the older brother perspective. This was just too good. I had to hear what he said. 1) I was curious if he was going to mention anything about our relationship. He's since married but I was the last relationship he was in prior to his wife so if someone asks about someone they're dating I wanted to see if he referenced us and what he said. 2) I wanted to hear his actual advice. I will preface this by saying that he was my first love but the kid for sure had a one-way ticket on the Hot Mess Express (let's just say he committed credit card fraud and used my cards without my knowledge and when I found out shit hit the fan).  I've heard through the grapevine that he hasn't changed much, so I wanted to hear advice from someone completely unqualified to dispense it.

Anyway, to make a long story short it was bad. He did give advice to one person in a relationship and told them to get distance and then he gave some lame, half-assed quotes about how in a lot of situations you just need to grow up and mature and it all works itself out. I'm not going to lie but I feel like a lot of these questions were probably written by them to begin with.

The best part is that I continued to feel exactly as I have when I got some distance from our breakup- like I dodged a huge fucking bullet. It was comical to listen to someone who hasn't grown or changed and thinks they are such a rebel and have such a unique perspective on life and the world when really they're just immature.

If this proves anything, it's that you should never take advice from anyone you don't know because they are probably more screwed up than you are- even on here* :)


*Editor's note: please don't stop reading the blow off! When we give advice, it at least comes from a place of our idiotic mistakes! In the wise words of alcoholics anonymous: take what you want, leave the rest.


  1. okay, i have to say i got to watch this video and it was ridic. 20 LA Wannabe definitely dodged a bullet here. his advice was basically "give it time and it'll get better"

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