Thursday, December 11, 2014

#ThrowbackThursday: Kate Hudson turns into all of her boyfriends.

Editor's Note: Kate Hudson and Muse frontman Matthew Bellamy confirmed that they've called off their engagement. There are already rumors floating around that Hudson has moved on to Dancing with the Stars pro Derek Hough-- which means we will probably see her prancing around in a leotard soon. In honor of her new relationship status, here's a post I wrote about Goldie Jr. four years ago.  I referenced it in Tuesday's post, but since it shows off my mad pop culture investigative skills, I thought it was due time to call your attention to it again.

Kate Hudson
Function: noun; adjective
Origin: Since the release of Almost Famous
Definition: The kind of girl that changes her likes and dislikes (and style) depending on the guy she's dating.

(Betsy used to have In-N-Out once a week until she met Jedediah and became a vegetarian. That girl is such a Kate Hudson.)

Damn, Kate Hudson is like an international woman of mystery! How did she not get cast in SALT? Quick, how do I get her to contribute to the BLOW OFF!?


Kate & Chris: Two furry hippies
Kate & Owen: Two Carefree beach bums
Kate & Lance: Two people who love yuppie sports
If Dax wears beanies, then.....
....Kate wears beanies
Kate, chillin' with her favorite baseball gfs...
and her fave baseball bf....

Grunge style & former rock star fiance


  1. Can someone please tell me what women see in Derek Hough?

    1. i wish there was a like button for this question.

    2. I only get it b/c dancers are sexy. But he doesn't do it for me physically at all. Plus, he's like the new john mayer. he dates everyone!

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