Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Woman Crush Wednesday: Why I still dig Elin Nordegren

I know this post should have been written about five years ago, but since it's Woman Crush Wednesday, I'd like to give Elin Nordegren some long overdue props. The name might sound familiar, but it's been awhile since she's been in the news. Elin was Tiger Woods's wife. She's the mother of his two children. She famously attacked him with a golf club after discovering he'd cheated on her. What followed was a ton of other woman coming out in the news revealing they'd had affairs with Woods as well. When Tiger held a press conference apologizing for his sins, Elin was nowhere in sight. Shortly after the scandal, she left him, walked away with a ton of cash, got her degree, dated another gazillionaire, and pretty much stayed out of the limelight. I'm pretty sure she had to agree to some sort of a gag order.  You might be wondering: why is this relevant again?

Well, yesterday, Camille Cosby came out in defense of her husband. Assuming Bill Cosby is guilty of drugging and sexually assaulting a number of women, I don't know if Camille's completely delusional, co-dependent, or has an entire family hidden in her attic and was coerced into releasing a statement because Cosby would have exposed her darkest secrets. But all I could think when reading her statement was... not another one.

There's an argument to be made that it takes more strength to support someone, stand by them, grin and bear it, then to actually walk away.  I'm not sure I buy that. We've had so few examples of public figures leaving their spouses after infidelity or major betrayal. Even Jerry Sandusky's wife defended him and believes he's innocent.  Jenny Sanford left Mark, but he also called the other woman his soul mate.

Perhaps couples who've weathered the most tragic of storms are more likely to stay by each other's side. Both Bill & Camille Cosby and John & Elizabeth Edwards tragically lost a son. Elizabeth did eventually leave John, but I'm not sure it wasn't because he just loved his mistress more than her.

When the Tiger Woods scandal first broke, I fully expected Nordegren to stay with him. That's the behavior we've come to accept. And even though it's five years after the fact, I think she's pretty hot shit for walking away when she did. I wish we could have more women like that in the public sphere. Until then, we might have to rely on fictional characters like Helen Solloway (played by Maura Tierney) in The Affair.  Watching her kick Noah out of the house in this last episode was so incredibly satisfying and quite possibly the best scene in the series so far. The only thing that would have made it better is if she bashed him over the head with a golf club in the process.


  1. Did you see The Affair last night? Did your opinion of Helen Solloway change? I screamed "NO" at her/the tv....

    1. it did! I have a post tomorrow on my feelings on The Affair now that it's over. That really pissed me off.