Monday, March 16, 2015

the odd couple & the BLOW OFF

Is it just me or is the old adage "opposites attract" total bullshit? Sure, maybe opposites make for a hot one night stand, but can you really live out the rest of your life with someone who's the yin to your yang? I think not. We've all come across those "odd couples" in our life. Two people you'd never picture together, yet for some reason they seem to work... until they don't. I know these couples. I've met these couples. I've been baffled by these couples.  Maybe their differences balance each other out, I'd convince myself--- even though I secretly thought: HOW is that going to last? And for the most part, it didn't last (some are still on break-up watch).  Let's explore this phenomenon through celebrity couples:
Exhibit A: Mandy Moore & Ryan Adams
Guys, don't be fooled by their matching hair color. When this couple first got together, it was like "huh?" Sure, they're both musical. Sure, her "bubblegum pop" image was long gone-- but their union did not compute for me and I happened to be a huge fan of both of them. I mean, when I lived in the east village, I'd always see him gallivanting around with Parker Posey. They actually made sense together. Just like she made sense with Andy Roddick. I figured Moore & Adams would date for a few months, then go their separate ways. Instead, they got married but sadly filed for divorce six years later. I'm hoping this will mean more heartbreaking music from him and that Mandy Moore will have some sort of career resurrection. Maybe divorce is just what she needs to come out with a good album. Fingers crossed she does not fall victim to the John Mayer Epidemic.

Exhibit B: Sandra Bullock & Jesse James
Ugh. They were supposed to be the odd couple who defied all odds, remember? I'll admit, I kind of loved these two together and I'm still not over their break-up. He seemed like a gentle tattooed giant and the way she talked about their marriage in interviews and acceptance speeches made my heart melt. Unfortunately, everyone who was confused by this pairing turned out to be right when it came out that James was a serial cheater. They instantly went their separate ways and Sandy has been single ever since. I don't blame her if she's still emotionally scarred by the whole thing. He went on to marry Alexis DeJoria in 2012 who seems more his speed. Hopefully Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden will prove that tatted up boys + the girl next door can make it last.

Exhibit C: Courtney Cox & David Arquette
Sigh. Another couple I thought might surprise us all and stay together, but alas, they were just too different. Cox always seemed as buttoned-up and type A as the role she played on Friends, whereas Arquette was sort of this man-child who wore eccentric clothes, rode motorcycles, and was in movies like Ready to Rumble. Don't get me wrong. I totally see where the attraction was. Does anyone remember that hot Gap ad with David Arquette & Lucas Haas back in the day?! Minor tangent: my high school bestie and I used to dream that one day she'd marry Arquette and I would marry Haas.
ANYWAY. Cox and Arquette were such opposites, they even produced an interior decorating show called Mix It Up about couples with very different tastes living together. They got married in 1999, but separated in 2012. Arquette famously gave an interview to Howard Stern after their separation and said that Courtney didn't want to be his mother anymore. He's since gotten engaged and had a baby with Christina McLarty (who bears a striking resemblance to Cox) and she's since moved on and gotten engaged to musician Johnny McDaid (who also bears a striking resemblance to Cox).

Exhibit D: Julia Roberts & Lyle Lovett
The original celebrity odd couple. I think the picture says it all. They were married in 1993 and separated two years later.

SO, if odd couples really can't make it work-- which Hollywood romance is next on the chopping block? I'm gonna go with Mary Kate Olsen and Olivier Sarkozy. What do you guys think? Can odd couples defy the odds forever or do they only last so long? Comment below!

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  1. First of all, just want to say I have no idea why this blog isn't flooding with comments, it's freaking amazing. I hope it at least get's crazy views. And secondly, you are ABSOLUTELY right. Odd couples DO NOT work. I learned that the hard way.