Wednesday, April 1, 2015

30 Day Break-Up Challenge

Happy April! A few weeks ago, I came across this 30 day minimalism challenge that I've been dying to try, but haven't had the time (Which totally defeats the purpose). But it got me thinking that the BLOW OFF needs its very own 30 day break-up challenge. Let me preface this by saying, I'm not a therapist and this is by no means a cure, but I am willing to bet you'll feel better on day 30 than you did on day 1.

So, if you know anyone who's going through a break-up, pass this on. And if someone was a dick enough to dump you on April's Fool Day and they weren't joking, then day one starts now:

day 1: cry date. Let it out.

day 2: get a gym membership and use it. (if you hate the gym, try yoga or spin classes)

day 3: New haircut

day 4: delete all of his texts or emails.

day 5: comfort food day.

day 6: plan a weekend trip with friends or family.

day 7: stay off social media ALL day.

day 8: get up early and go for a run. (trust me, you can fast walk it.)

day 9: if you're still in touch with your ex, institute the no contact rule.

day 10: block & unfollow your ex on all social media. This includes his friends & family.

day 11: girls night out!

day 12: put any relationship souvenirs or reminders in a box and have a friend keep it.

day 13: get on Tinder or any other online dating site.

day 14: buy 20 rolls of toilet paper. Do not call your ex till all have been used.

day 15: cry day.

day 16: don't talk about your ex ALL day.

day 17: retail therapy day. (treat yo self!)

day 18: first date with someone else.

day 19: do something you've never done before.

day 20: cry day.

day 21: write letter to ex. DON'T send (no matter how good it is)

day 22: sit at a bar or cafe alone with a book.

day 23: morning hike.

day 24: weekend trip!

day 25: weekend trip!

day 26: weekend trip!

day 27: be there for someone else.

day 28: take a personal day. Go to a spa.

day 29: another date. Aim for hot action.

day 30: shameless plug-- write a blog post for the BLOW OFF on completing the 30 day challenge.

The mandate, just like the minimalism challenge, is to do one assignment a day-- the order is yours to play with. Good luck making it through the challenge, I know you can do it!

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  1. This is great list. I think anyone wanting to breakup, should print this out and include in the "breakup package" :))