Monday, April 13, 2015

estranged siblings & the BLOW OFF

Kyle & Kim in happier times
Last Friday was national sibling day and all I could think was—did the holiday bring Kyle and Kim Richards back together or what? Okay, so if you don’t follow the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: #1 what’s your problem #2 Allow me to fill you in. Kyle and Kim are sisters. They are very close, but they’ve got a rocky history—mostly due to Kim’s substance abuse problem. She’s currently sober, but hasn’t spoken to her sister in months. If you’ve been watching the RHOBH reunion, it doesn’t look like these two are going to mend fences any time soon. Especially after Kim’s dog bit Kyle’s daughter.
 If you have a sister, then watching these two women fight is kind of heartbreaking. I mean, I know most reality TV shows are scripted and fake, but Kim and Kyle are so emotionally raw and tense and irrational when they argue, you know it’s not made up. It’s exactly how siblings fight. After trying to mend their relationship, they’ve ultimately chosen not to be in each other’s lives for the time being. (I blame Brandi Glanville, #teamkyle).

I’m totally rooting for Kim and Kyle to work out their differences, because there’s nothing like the relationship between siblings. No one quite understands me in the same way as my brother and sister. My older sister and I are basically the same person. We find the same things funny, the same things infuriating, and we both have the moves like Jagger on the dance floor. Our husbands often bond over our (flawed) similarities saying things like “the saedi sisters strike again…”
me & my sis. best friends forever.
 I can’t imagine never speaking to my sis again. In fact, my nephew was due a week before my wedding and I had several nervous breakdowns worrying she wouldn’t be there. I may have actually said to the H-bomb that her presence was just as important to me as his (I told you, we’re really close).

But not everyone is as tight with their siblings. I've heard parents of only children explain that when it comes to having more kids, there's no guarantee their children would even have the close sibling bond anyway. My first reaction is usually: “well, that’s pessimistic”--- but I guess they have a point. My dad is one of the kindest, most easy-going, coolest guys out there, and he hasn’t spoken to his youngest sister in years after a falling out. He's proof that no one's immune from a sibling BLOW OFF. And who can blame Mindy Kaling for not talking to her crazy right-wing brother who pretended to be black, while applying to med schools.

So what’s your relationship like with your siblings? Have you ever had to blow them off for a period of time? Share your story in the comments section below!

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  1. I love you so much! Our relationship means the world to me. And I swear I would still talk to you if Mabel bit Ella. xoxo