Thursday, July 16, 2015

RIP Cindy Mancini

When I was a young girl, every saturday night I would go to Blockbusters and rent "Can't Buy Me Love" & "Adventures in Babysitting." Every. Single. Saturday. Night.

I kinda miss the excitement of going to video stores and picking out a movie. The excitement I felt if they had the movie I wanted, the disapointment I felt if the VHS case was empty. Also, I'm not sure why my parents didn't just purchase these movies for me because I have to believe that was cheaper. OK, this actually has nothing to do with anything.

I wanted to be Cindy Mancini.

She was the prettiest, most popular girl EVER. From her wavy blonde to hair, to the suede outfit she wore (I made my mom search all over for a similar fringed suede outfit for myself) to her amazing one liners such as "take a look at my forehead. Do you see a sign that says information?) She knew that Patrick Dempsey was "McDreamy" long before anyone else did and she turned him from totally geek to totally chic.

When strangers would ask me my name, I'd actually tell them it was Cindy. "That's a very pretty name," they'd say. "It's not her name," my mom would reply. It's true. It's not my name. But let's be honest, Cindy Mancini is a great name and she existed way before the Kelly's (Taylor and Kapowski).

Amanda Peterson, the actress who played her, disappeared from Hollywood and I firmly believed she was still beautiful, popular and living a normal life. After all, if Cindy Mancini couldn't really ride off into the sunset on a lawnmower, what chance do any of us have?

Unfortunately, Amanda Peterson died tragically last week. Like many child actors, there were drugs, arrests and divorces. The vacant eyed woman I saw in her final photo shoot was almost unrecognizable, a far cry from my childhood idol. Yet in Patrick Dempsey's Twitter tribute, he let the world know that in his memory she would always be vibrant and young. That is how I shall choose to remember her as well.

As I move forward in my attempts to secure my own happily ever after on a lawnmower, I will continue to ask myself "what would Cindy Mancini do?"

If a guy dicked her over, Cindy would not easily forgive. When he called she would be "washing her hair" or "out of the country."

Cindy would always take the high road. When others were talking smack, she wouldn't partake. In spite of her beauty and popularity, Cindy had a good heart. She even wrote poetry.

Cindy did not put up with crap. If a guy didn't treat her well, she'd simply pour a milkshake over his head.

Cindy was her own person. Even if the whole school was doing some stupid synchronized dance, Cindy refused to follow. Which was a good thing because that particular dance turned out to be an African Anteater ritual.

So RIP to Amanda Peterson. I hope she has finally found peace and I thank her for giving the world Cindy Mancini.

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