Monday, July 6, 2015

the greatest love story ever told just got even better.

Editor's Note: I'm re-posting this entry from November by my bestie and Kayoko in honor of her WEDDING DAY today. It was her break-up that inspired this blog and after today, Single Asian Female (SAF) will have to change her contributor name to Married Asian Female (MAF). Congrats Johnny and Kayoko, so happy this blog played a tiny little part in your union! 

So what’s my excuse for not writing for three years? I mean, I had sooo much to write about when I was single and dating all those pathetic men. But the second I find a boyfriend, what do I do? I abandoned you. I’m sorry. But I also started a business in Oakland which is like having a child, so you’ll have to forgive me. Shit got crazy.

But here’s the total truth: The Blow Off is responsible for my relationship with Johnny. It’s true! I was writing pretty frequently on here in 2011 since I had so many hilarious (and sad) dating stories to share. Johnny stumbled across the very last post I wrote, about how I dumped a guy in an email (yup, still going to hell), and as fate would have it, he tweeted me. Here it is!

I looked at his photo (it was a picture of him back then) and wrote him back a private message right away. Carpe diem!

Fast forward three years later, J and I are not only still together, but we’re happily domesticated (well, most of the time) in Oakland. It’s not always easy though, as all you domesticators know. It’s both our first time living with a significant other and man, it has not been all daisies and roses. It’s better now, but it’s a miracle we got through those first six months.

But all in all, we’ve enjoyed living together -- so much that we made our status official as Domestic Partners. Meaning, Roomates for life!
Ladies and gentlemen, the man with whom I watch television! (Dexter at the moment). We owe these radiant smiles to The Blow Off. THANK YOU for all the good times! 

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