Tuesday, September 29, 2015

There's an app for your broken-heart!

Guys, my THERAPIST just came out with a super awesome app that's made to treat your broken heart. It's called Break-up RX and it's a thirty day plan you can follow to get through your most recent BLOW OFF. 

Here's how it works: Each day, you unlock a new log to record how you're feeling about the split, along with some advice and tasks to help you move on. It tells you "what's happening" (i.e. how you're probably feeling at the moment.) "What to write" is your own daily log of your thoughts and feelings concerning the break-up. "What to Do" gives you a specific action to take to help speed up the process of feeling better (AKA delete him from your phone, stay off of Facebook). And finally "What Else" gives you a new inspirational message that pops up everyday at 5pm to get you through the rest of your day.

I love it so much, I almost want the H-Bomb to dump me so I can use the app.

Here's a preview of the content for Day 2:

What's happening: "Although it's hard to hear, today is a mixed bag of touch emotions. It might be a new idea, but accepting your pain will help it go away. Truth? Avoiding how you feel will only lead you back into another doomed relationship. So even though you might feel like roadkill today, remember it's only day 2 and it's going to get better."

What to write: The app directs you to a 911 tab for you to make a list of friends to call instead of your ex. It's a reminder that there are other people out there who love you and can help distract you.

What to Do: "You can have your own feelings without wallowing in them. When you're not with your friends get into action. Scour your home (and workspace), tossing in a trashbag anything that will trigger memories of your ex. If you can't bear to throw the bag away, stash it, you can deal with it later. Remember: everything passes, everything changes."

What Else: I checked back at 5pm for you guys and it said--- "Think back on today... striking a balance between feeling your pain and trying to distract yourself with friends and activities is not easy. Even though your attempts may not give you a ton of immediate relief, it's all about baby steps toward learning how to take care of yourself. 'The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.' - Lao Tzu

Download the app for free and start making it through the emotional war zone that's currently you're life. I promise, you'll make it to the other side. 

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  1. This is so genius. I'm kinda hoping I never have to use it, but who am I kidding. Why didn't we think of this?