Thursday, October 29, 2015

Do I Know You?

About four years ago, I moved back to LA after having taken a little hiatus. The plan was for me to start fresh, but old habits die hard and the party girl in me was alive and kicking. I still had a few wild oats left to sew.

I became friends with a hot Hollywood promoter and would go out with him and his crew almost every night. Included in that crew was Charlie. Charlie looked like a model, he was the tallest guy I'd ever seen (I referred to him as "tall guy" for a while), but seemed to be a gentle giant. And boy was he hot.

It didn't take long for me to realize that Charlie was a manwhore, but unfortunately it took long enough that I'd already had my little fling with him. Now this was not a one night stand, he earned a chapter in my book, and despite the fact that there were many other girls, I considered him a friend. Even after we stopped hooking up, I confided in him about other guy dilemmas (manwhores give the BEST advice). Although we both moved on to other relationships, we were always happy to see each other.

I followed him on Facebook and saw he got engaged. It happened quickly and seemed like a big step, but I figured "good for Charle." Then he disappeared. Off of social media and off the face of the earth. Well, last night he popped up in the people I may know, so I instantly added him. And then this happened.

Charlie: Do I know you?

Note: Was he being serious? It seemed like he was being serious.

Me: Um you used to. Unless you eternal sunshined me.

Him: Basically yes. I'm engaged and have a family now. It's just not appropriate

Me:  Sorry, I didn't realize that meant we could no longer be friends. But congrats, I wish you all the best.

Him: Yeah, well I don't want my wife to be friends with party guys - goes both ways.

Me: Understood. Take care.

Charlie did NOT accept my friend request.  I don't know whether he was pretending not to know me or somehow actually blocked me out of his memory. If it's the latter, I would like to know his secret since there are some people I wouldn't mind forgetting. But can I just say...EW. If he had just been like "I'm so sorry Sammi, I'm in a relationship and can't be friends with you," that would have been a nicer way to go about things.

I'd just like to say that I hope my future husband is secure enough in our relationship that he doesn't require me to delete people from my past. I would never want to be in a relationship where I felt so threatened that I made my guy delete all the girls he ever hooked up with.

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