Tuesday, February 16, 2016

New Place, New Relationship Status?

For most of my 23 years on this planet, I have lived the life of a single girl. While I've had a handful of college flings and more than my fair share of "I think he was a brunette?" party make out sessions, I've somehow been able to avoid a Real Thing Relationship. I thought that my single status would only be prolonged when I moved from New York to Los Angeles, a place where its considered reasonable grounds for a breakup if one of you lives just a little too far west of the 405. (Traffic is definitely a big relationship killer, what can I say?) Then, basically immediately, I met my current boyfriend — and things have been fantastic. And just like that, I shed my single self and became "girl with a boyfriend."

This isn't about how I no longer feel like a "whole me" without my boyfriend, or how my boyfriend has zapped my freedom. In fact, this isn't about my boyfriend at all. It's about how, upon moving to LA, my romantic past might as well have been wiped clean.

Like most aspiring-somethings, I moved to Los Angeles knowing only a handful of people. Fortunately, I moved into a house with some incredible roommates, and through them made even more amazing friends a lot quicker than I could have ever expected to. It was through them that I met my boyfriend, a guy whom I started seriously seeing almost immediately. My new friends didn't know that it was rare enough for me to want to pursue a first date, let alone a second — they didn't know just how rare the connection or how shocked I was to have found it.

Things were different when I told friends back east that I was in a relationship. Truthfully, most of them were floored that I was dating someone, especially dating someone seriously. After all, I was the girl who made a hookup sleep on the couch so I could get a good night sleep in my twin bed — how was it possible that I was volunteering to share my tiny space with another person? 

Some days I think it's weird, too. I can no longer relate to dating apps or random hookups who don't know when to stop texting. But while I had a blast as a single girl, I'm starting to realize that the most out of character thing that I've done may be one of my favorites. 

Did it take a change of scenery to shake up your dating life? Comment below!

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  1. Great post! I completely agree that a chance of scenery can make all the difference when it comes to dating. I had terrible dating luck when I lived in New York city and dated a lot more my first three months in LA, then I did in the last year that I lived in the NYC. AND, then of course, I got into a serious LDR with a guy in NY who moved west and married me. I guess all it took for NYC guys to like me was geographical distance.