Thursday, April 7, 2016

First Date & Ghost

Have you ever had a great first date? There was great conversation, a physical connection and in my case...grilled cheese and matzah ball soup. After that amazingness, we stopped for coffee. I'm like "he doesn't want the night to end either." He mentioned numerous times that we should hang out again. When we touched, I literally felt a spark. At the end of the night, I had already picked out names for our Labradors (Otis and Boo Boo). I was 100% certain that I would be hearing from him again...

And I did!

He texted the next day to say that I was more awesome than any matzah ball in the world. I took this as an extremely high compliment because matzah balls are awesome. I told him he was all that and a grilled cheese sandwich. We are so presh, I thought. Otis and Boo Boo, we're coming for you!

Then a few days went by. A few days became a week. Crickets. I am not ashamed to say that I am part of an amazing Girls Night Out Group on Facebook. It's a place where girls can come together to talk about anything. I mean anything-- you should see what some of these girls post about. Of course, we often turn to each other for dating advice. The only time I had ever actually posted was to ask for input regarding Spirit Airlines. I was told it was the sardine can of the sky. That's not really relevant, but desperate times call for desperate posts in your GNO Facebook group.

My mind was boggled by how many girls had experienced the same thing. These gorgeous, sweet, witty girls all had at least one first date and ghost encounter. I'm not alone! So, I was like I gotta blog about this because it's shady AF and i'm over it.

My first story began like any other. I was watching one of my favorite 90s sitcoms. An underrated gem along the lines of "Saved By The Bell." I was looking at the main guy who I shall call Brad. Brad seems like a good 90s heartthrob name. So I did what any girl would do. I found him on Facebook and told him I thought he was hot.

Ok so this story is not like any other, but I live in LA and that's how I do. This led to some very flirty texting back and forth. If we're being honest, I didn't think I was actually going to marry "Brad" from the random 90s sitcom. I figured we would share a....slightly shorter adventure. Yet something unexpected happened. Brad started being really sweet and genuine. He had traded in his sideburns for a hardworking job. He sent me pictures of him with his adorable dog. He told me he loved sushi, horror movies and burritos which are three of my very favorite things. Like, if you are not a fan of sushi, horror movies, and burritos I'm not sure if you can be my friend.

We made plans to hang out on a Thursday night, but he got sick and rescheduled for Sunday. He was craving matzah ball soup which is what I always crave when I'm sick being a Jewish girl and all. I was so impressed with his vast knowledge of Jewish deli's in LA that he had pretty much reached soulmate status.

So what happened? Where did things go awry? Why would he tell me I was an awesome matzah ball and then disappear? I'm not going to lie to you. I may have sent him 2-7 tipsy text messages after the fact. He did not respond. I do not blame him because that's not a good look. Here's what I don't get. He knew he could have one night of fun, but chose instead to be sweet, sensitive, dog rescuing, matzah ball eating, actual date taking, type of guy. He paid, and was touchy feely and did i mention the literal spark? Why? Seriously though.

If I'm being completely honest, he had aged a bit since his 90s glory. I didn't really think he was the greatest thing since Swingers stuffed grilled cheese. But I wanted to hear from him. I thought I'd hear from him and when I didn't hear from him, I wanted to hear even more. Now I can never again watch my favorite underrated 90s gem. I'll just stick with Saved By the Bell.

Have you experienced the first date and ghost? Have you ever first dated and ghosted? I'm dying to know.

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