Tuesday, April 26, 2016

when life gives you lemons... BEyoncé.

I feel like I've really failed as a curator of break-ups by not posting anything about Beyoncé's epic video album, Lemonade. The one hour HBO special changed me in a way I never thought I'd be changed: I actually joined Tidal just to listen to it over and over again. But she fucking earned it. I'm not gonna write any sort of think piece about the album, because A) I'm not smart enough and B) there are a bevy of them all over the internet. Here's one from Lainey Gossip that I loved. Still haven't read the second one they posted.

But a few thoughts.

#1 I have to confess that Lemonade lost me a bit when it got to the "Forgiveness" portion of the film. I'm a sometimes agnostic/most of the times atheist, and I guess I've always thought the whole concept of forgiveness was a tad overrated. After forty minutes of raw and intense anger, and a very public flogging against Hova-- I wasn't in the right head space for all the tenderness. Beyoncé may have forgiven Jay-Z, BUT I still couldn't. I suppose I would still love to see an alternate ending where she does leave. But I can also appreciate that it explores the age-old question: What's more difficult when faced with infidelity? Leaving or staying? Plus, Lainey and my bestie Jihan swayed me with their shared interpretations of this sequence. And fuck, I really loved the song Sandcastles the whole thing was set to.

#2 Rachel Roy trying to go up against Beyoncé is like Prince Oberyn Martell trying to go up against the Mountain. Sure, you can give it a shot. Maybe even throw a couple of punches, but you're going to get your face smushed.For those of you who've been living under a rock, Roy is a fashion designer who was rumored to be Jay-Z's side chick since the infamous elevator incident. In the song "Sorry," Beyoncé makes a reference to Becky with the good hair. Roy then stupidly instagrams a photo of herself with the caption: good hair don't care, and the hashtag #nodramaqueens. First of all, why the hell would you out yourself?? This proves my theory that we live in a world so impulsive and so starved for attention, that we let all rational thought go out the window when it comes to social media. NOT TO MENTION, she called the wife of the man she had an affair with a "drama queen". UGH. Roy took to Twitter to say she respects marriage and that she won't tolerate bullying. New rule: the only people who can complain about bullying must be under the age of eighteen.

#3 I am now completely obsessed with the poetry of Warsan Shire. I'm trying to not curl up in a ball and never write again, after learning she was born in 1988.

#4 My favorite songs are Hold Up, Don't Hurt Yourself, Freedom, Sandcastles, and All Night. But really, I love all of them.

#5 I'm actually more afraid for Beyoncé and Jay-Z's marriage than ever before. During the On the Run Tour, I considered them equals. They seemed worthy of sharing the stage. But something's shifted with this new album. It might be a bit extreme to say that he's now the Gavin to her Gwen, but she's gone to new heights that I don't think he will ever reach in his career. A marriage may be able to survive cheating, but how often does it survive a wife being far more successful than her husband???

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