Tuesday, May 3, 2016

An interview with a happily married couple: Craig & Brandon from Newlyweds

Craig (left) and Brandon (right).  Photo credit: Jace Dean photography
For those of you that read this blog regularly, you know that I have a an unhealthy obsession with reality TV. And most of my favorite shows are on Bravo. In fact, Bravo is the only reason we haven't cut the cable cord in our house. Anyway, if you didn't catch Newlyweds this season-- find it On Demand. The show follows four couples in their first year of marriage, and delves into the highs and lows of domestic "bliss." Craig and Brandon were by far my favorite pair on the show, and I jumped at the opportunity to interview them. The season focused on their journey to start a family with the help of Brandon's sister, as well as a few other relatable relationship conflicts. Not  only did they seem the happiest of the cast and the most well-adjusted (other relationships dealt with cheating and family feuds), but they were the kind of couple you root for. Read their interview below!

What's the best thing about being married? 
Besides married sex?! (which is so much better than dating sex btw). It may sound cliché but we really did marry our best friend- so it just gives us a socially acceptable excuse to do everything together!

What's the most challenging thing about being married?
Feeling obligated to do everything together! We still make a conscious effort to go on trips with friends and take alone time so we don't lose ourselves.

What's surprised you most about being married?
People (including our family) treat us differently- suddenly we are a REAL couple in their eyes and actions (don't tell them, but we always were!)

What is the characteristic in your husband that you most admire?
Brandon: Craig is fun and he makes me smile. He is the happiest person in the morning that I have ever met!
Craig: Brandon has a gift of staying positive, my silver fox sees the silver lining in everything.

What's the characteristic in your husband you'd most like to change?
Brandon: Tardiness and time management- it drives me batshit crazy.
Craig: He takes too long to get ready for everything!!

What's one word that best describes your spouse?
Brandon: Hot.
Craig: Passionate

Did Reality TV improve your relationship or add more conflict?
It did both. We turned the lemons into limoncello! The conflict gave us a reason to exercise our ability to communicate our feelings and vulnerability so we could resolve them with love and compassion and sometimes even by laughing at the absurdity of some of the imaginary issues we created in our heads.

In my humble opinion, you guys seemed to be the most solid couple on Newlyweds. Why do you think that was the case?
We both had a lot of practice with relationships before we found each other- neither one of us would have gotten married and then tried to navigate things like infidelity, relocation, what we wanna be when we grow up and family. We were older than most of them and knew who we were and what we wanted and that came through loud and clear to everyone who saw the show.

Couple's counseling-- yea or nay?
Anything that encourages and gives people tools to use in their relationship is a good thing- as long as it's not (or doesn't become) a necessary requirement as mediation for a couple to coexist. We see an energy healer together- Mary Ruth the woman who officiated our wedding- meditation is our therapy!

Can you give us a quick update on what you've been up to? Are you still planning to start a family?
Bree (Brandon's sister) unfortunately miscarried again but we are still trying and she is exploring other avenues such as IVF. Right now our baby is our company @FitandPhab (Pure Health And Beauty a one stop beauty body shop) for the time being, it has really taken off- speaking tours, YouTube programs, @WorkoutsADrag Fitness DVD, Beauty Muse-ic on iTunes and Stretch a reason to wine a stretch class paired with wine tasting- all of these treats will give you a total Fit and Phab experience...stay tuned world.

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