Tuesday, June 21, 2016

don't BLOW OFF your dream career

Guys! A couple years ago, I was in what I'd like to call a career dry spell. I was between writing gigs on TV shows, and I worried it would be a long time before anyone would pay me to write. I went through periods where I felt like a fraud even referring to myself as a writer. I'd been told that a writing career would always ebb and flow, but this was my first "ebb" period and it was kind of terrifying. There was one silver lining: I had time to write a book. It had been an idea for a TV series, but after I pitched the concept to a producer I'd been working with, he encouraged me to write it as a YA novel instead.

And so I did. The first hundred pages anyway. No one was paying me to do it, but I had the time, and it felt like I needed to cast a wider net if I wanted to make a stable living as a writer. The producer and my TV agents helped me get the pages I'd written into the hands of a book agent, but she gave me advice I was dreading: "I would consider writing the whole manuscript before we take it out to publishers." This was a daunting task. What if I wrote an entire book and no one wanted to buy it? But I decided to take her advice, and wrote the remainder of the story with her guidance. Six months later the book was out to publishers, and sold to Viking with plans for a sequel.

Two years later (today!) it's on bookshelves. I swear, I'm not telling you this story to toot my own horn. I mention it, because things could have totally gone the other way. I could have written a few pages and given up on it. I could have sent out resumes and went back to a 9-5 (Luckily, I had enough money tucked away to avoid that). I could have politely declined the agent's advice to write the whole book. What got me to from point A to point B was perseverance. I will toot my own horn for that, because it can be super hard in any career to keep going even when it feels like everything is working against you.
So, the moral of this story to any aspiring writers is: don't give up. And also, buy Never Ever while you're at it. Support your local bookstore or purchase it from Amazon or Barnes & Noble. Buy it for that teen girl in your life who loves an angsty read. Also, check out my author website sarasaediwriter.com for more info. And THANKS for reading this blog. The comments, shares, and clicks throughout the years have always been a huge source of encouragement.

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