see the band-aid on the broken heart?  That's us.
It all started in November 2009.  My bff was dating this guy who was A. either blowing her off or B. was just really busy.  She finally made a last ditch effort to hang out with him and all she got in return was a text message that not so subtly said he didn't like her like that.  I recounted the text message to some friends at dinner and everyone started either swapping their own blow off stories or coming up with hilarious text responses for my friend (like "too bad, cause I'm the best lay in the state of California.") It dawned on me: at one time or another we've all either been on the sending or receiving end of that text message.  There are so many effing blow off stories out there, it's not even funny.  Well, actually it is. 

And thus, began theblowoff.com.  A site for all of us to rejoice in our crappy relationships.  So, next time you fuck someone over or get fucked over, look on the bright side: more material for our blog! 

PS my BFF is awesome and totally has an awesome BF (who met her after reading a post she wrote for this blog!)  That other guy was a DOUCHE.