Saaara is the founder/contributor of the BLOW OFF.  She is in a co-dependent relationship with her pug Mabel, which would be weird if she lived in a shoe and wasn't married.  But she lives in a house and is married, so it's not weird at all.  Stop judging her.  She is a TV and fiction writer residing in LA.  Her YA debut novel, Never Ever will be out in bookstores summer 2016 by Viking Children's Books.

Joli is first and foremost, TBO's swim fan. She's also our amazing site designer and an occasional contributor. She is the kind of girl that no one wants to date but everyone wants to marry. Although Joli currently resides in the Bay Area, her heart will be in Texas Forever.

20 LA Wannabe  has been navigating her way through the world of glitz, glamour, and Hollywood for more years than she's willing to admit and had her fair share of blowoffs.  When she isn't spending her time auditioning or writing about her latest boy blunders, she enjoys booze and Birkin bags.  

Sammi Robin is a screenwriter, contributing writer to,, and the author of the book So Many Frogs...Not Enough Prozac which can be found on Amazon.  Aside from kissing frogs, she loves La Scala chopped salads, Coffee Bean ice blendeds, her family, friends, and her rescue dog, Bordy.  You can visit Sammi on Facebook here or follow her on Twitter here.  

Andrea stumbled upon TBO in the midst of a BLOW OFF in spring 2014. First an avid reader of TBO, Andrea started contributing her own varied experiences in being blown off and blowing others off in fall 2014. Andrea was raised in Chicago and continues to reside there, where fellow Chicagoans are no longer safe from being blogged about.


Previous Contributors:

The SVB is a bachelor blogging whore form Silicon Valley, thus the name of his blog, Silicon Valley Bachelor.  He decided to leave the "whore" part out.  Originally a TV news reporter, Kevin has been told many times that he has nice teeth.  He's been single five times as many years as he's been in a relationship.  Recently, he founded a website that reflects his singular interest,

Erica is a generally ridiculous person who had a massive quarter-life crisis two years ago which prompted her to drop out of law school and pursue her passion for comedy writing. She was also runner up on the ABC reality show The Glass House during the summer of 2012, where she was on the receiving end of an epic blow-off by a man who also beat her out for the grand prize of 250K. Erica currently lives in Cincinnati and is in a successful long-term relationship with her iPhone.

Carolyn Huynh is an aspiring screenwriter by day and an urban serf by night. She has an eternal self-diagnosed case of sympathy pregnancy - never ending midnight cravings and she swears her ankles are always swollen. Also, she once fainted at a 'Steel Panthers' concert. You can catch her on Twitter at @care0hlyn or the tumblr she co-founded at